Wesley Boy, Drips in Magnetism with his Latest Hard Hitting Single, “The Drip”

Nigeria born Hip-hop artist Wesley Boy flexes his success and celebrations with his latest single, “The Drip.”

Based out of the United States, Wesley Boy has a knack for adding his own zest to his music by fusing African and Western cultures together while creating an irresistible Afrocentric sound with global appeal. He debuted his first single in the summer of 2020 with, “Third World,” and he has developed into an international rising star with a vital story to tell.

His newest single, “The Drip,” flaunts all of the talent and charm that makes him such a promising up and coming talent.

“The Drip,” instantly has you bopping to the hypnotic trap grooves the beat exudes. This late-night club vibe transports you to your local club scene with the speakers shaking and has you vibing to the vintage 808’s. Wesley Boy’s delivery drips with charisma in this record that is all about the celebration of big moves and flexing what you work hard for.

“The Drip,” encloses all of the trademarks of a modern hit in the Hip-hop era we live in today. With Wesley Boy’s incomparable lyricism and rhyme schemes he is impossible to ignore as he carries the pursuit of his dreams and the proud essence of his victories.

Wesley Boy’s songs continue to garner attention worldwide and with latest single, “The Drip,” shows us exactly why he is making his mark in the music industry and dominating the game.

Congratulations on the release of, “The Drip.” We would love for you to take us into the creative process of, “The Drip.” What was it like?

My inspiration came from a song playing in a Samsung commercial when I was watching TV and I liked it. I felt I could use the same idea to create something more powerful and different that fans would like and that was how I came up with “The Drip”

What would you like listeners to take away from, “The Drip”?

I want listeners to enjoy it and feel happy since the song is meant to bring the feeling of dance and excitement. 

With a song that carries as much energy as, “The Drip,” we can only imagine how fun the studio session was. Could you please take us into what that looked like?

It was fun working on the project with the studio engineers. Although there were a couple of delays because I wanted the finished product to come out accurately as possible and we had to put in different ideas to make it sound satisfying and pleasing to the ears.

What was it like developing the sound you currently take into your music? Is this the sound we can expect from you on future projects?

It wasn’t an easy process trying to put the song together, my main goal was to create something the new generation hip-hop fans can enjoy in their houses, cars, and parties. Yes! Listeners should expect something like this from me In the future and a more diversified sound. 

What can listeners expect next from you?

Listeners should expect something more groovy and hard, something they can vibe and relate to.


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