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Western Australian Alt Band Carrington Debuts New Single "Boronia"

Carrington is an alternative rock/punk band from Perth, Western Australia. They released an acoustic version of their single “Boronia” and we were completely serenaded by the captivating vocals and and chord progressing acoustics. I love listening to acoustic versions of up-beat music because it shows a different and more subdued side to the song that you may have not thought existed. Now, whenever I hear most songs I always think to myself “I wonder how this would sound acoustic?”. “Boronia” delivered a sensational feeling for me that I won’t easily forget! The harmonic melodies, especially in the hook was one of my personal favorite sections in the song. However, I can unquestionably say that I highly enjoyed how they kept their edgy rock grit in tact while still projecting so much emotion and passion.

I don’t know about you, but I personally like listening to mood-changing music. In my eyes, it shows me that the artist is able to move you in a way some and most other artists may not be able to move you in. “Boronia” brings a nostalgic and dwell-some cloud over your mood and emotions- at least it did for me, but I loved that. I can add it to my playlists where I listen to sad music with the whole intent of becoming sad, like most people have this weird habit of doing.

Listen to "Boronia" here and get to know Carrington in our interview below!

Hi there, care to introduce yourselves to our readers!

Hey all! We are Carrington, a Punk-Rock/Alternative band from Perth Western Australia!

How did Carrington form and meet?

Emmett (vocals) and Zach (bass) had been in bands during high school, so they started the band and got our former drummer Jake into the frame. Chris (guitar) came along after searching some local musician forum pages on Facebook, and he knew Blake (guitar) so we got it as kind of a two for one deal. Jake left to live in Germany and so we got Jordan, who Emmett and Zach had known for a few years!

How would you interpret “Boronia” from your artist perspective?

Emmett: It's the first acoustic project we've ever done! I wrote Boronia while I was spending some time in my hometown with my family. I heard the news that my uncle was terminally ill and writing the music was my way to express how I and the people around me were feeling. The music came pretty well at the same time as the lyrics. It's musically in a style that is intended to be slow waltzed to, which was how I'd fantasized it being experienced…family members waltzing with their loved ones.

Did you face any challenges creating this "Boronia"?

Emmett: Honestly not really. I find it easy to write about something you feel deeply. The instrumentation is pretty basic, so it all came together in an afternoon! Maybe the only difficulty I found was writing lyrics that I could relate to, that other people can relate to also. Sadness can be pretty personal, I didn't want to throw blanket lyrics over it as I feel I always try to be genuine to myself firstly.

How is the music scene in Australia?

It's not too bad. There isn't really critical mass of population spread across the country, so it makes it hard for touring bands (especially in what we consider "our genre") to tour the country. Keeping this in mind there still are some great bands so it's not all bad! As far as our home town of Perth it's definitely got a great hardcore scene, but still developing in other areas. 

Any new year resolutions?

Play some more shows, release a heap more music and hopefully gig in a few spots we haven't had the chance yet!


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