What Happens When You Combine Love & Angst? The Brand New Release “Gimme Some” by Dirtycakes

Dirtycakes is an exciting three-piece band that can be described as DIY Ethos Punk. the members, Charley, Rick, and Becky, all come from vastly different backgrounds. With Dirtycakes, they aim to create music that puts equality above all. Dirtycakes is the power of three different people coming together to share Love & Angst.

Personal turmoil or reflections on the darker side of life have long been a crucial muse in hard rock/punk music and within Dirtycakes’ writing. “Gimme Some” is one that cleverly hints at a certain struggle or battle but leaves just enough to the imagination that those feeling similar will be able to connect and relate to the words and the intensity of the music in their unique way. The grungey leading vocals throughout “Gimme Some” encompasses the varied emotions of the lyrics incredibly well. The verses are enough to fuse melody and grit with that unmistakable Dirtycakes tone, then you get the drop into the weight and scream of the hook, and the whole thing just pours emotion and volume into the room in a way that completely relieves you of your stresses for a while and releases you from the grip of uncertainty. Another step in the right direction for modern music, and yet another hit of creative individuality and musical realness from Dirtycakes. Listen to "Gimme Some" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Dirtycakes! It’s such a pleasure to be chatting with you. How did each of you get started on your own musical journey, before Dirtycakes?

Becky - I've been playing since I was 8... I've been trying not to take shit from people since I was born and realized women were treated as less than men & weak - I use my drums as my weapon & my lyrics to voice my outrage. I opened for The Cramps in 1981 drumming for the sick kids, played with and toured the world in The Lunachicks.

Charley - I grew up listening to the "Top 10 at 10" on WBIG FM... I built an electric guitar in woodshop in 9th grade and finished it the day I was expelled. I spent my teen years and early 20s making records on tape decks, playing as often as possible at open mic nights and ner