“What I’m Gon Do” by Sisi Is a Flawless Work of Art

Born in Massachusetts and raised in the Bay Area, Sisi has been a lover of music and performing from the young age of 6. Inspired by diva singers like; Mariah Cary, Beyond and Christina Aguilera, Sisi draws on their individual voices and powerful vocals to produce mentally and emotionally freeing music. From the age of 15, Sisi has written and produced several songs in 3 languages including; English, Chinese and Japanese while performing in various venues!

Interestingly enough, this singer has not always been in the music business! Sisi completed her Business Degree at NYU’s Stern School of Business where she worked as a successful investment banker for 2 years. Deciding to come back to the music scene, she quit her career in Finance to pursue her passion for music. Sisi's work incorporates alternative R&B, drawing on the vocal fluidity and raw introspection of artists like Drake, Frank Ocean, and The Weeknd.

Sisi's latest single “What I’m Gon Do”, is a flawless combination of solid prima donna vocals and swaying beats! Sisi’s ability to rap and perform a catchy soft lyric is truly astounding and displays a strong message of the type of woman Sisi is; one that can't be tamed. The song starts with a downtempo beat, one that leaves you in a hazy feel-good vibe before transitioning into power ballad that shows who's boss. The meaning of this song is simple yet fierce; do whatever the f**k you want and do it with pride and a smile on your face.

Listen to "What I'm Gon Do" here.