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"What It Is" By Laray Da Savage Is The Hip Hop Track To Look Out For!

Laray Da Savage is an up and coming artist from the inner city of Houston, Texas. He has been able to make a name for himself in the surrounding area with a large social media following and over one million streams combined.

Laray Da Savage is a name to remember as this knock out artist is dropping incredibly fresh beats. With a voice that reminds us of Post Malone, this jam has our head bobbing. Running right along with top artists in the Hip Hop game, Laray Da Savage’s voice is relaxing and refreshing generating a timeless sound that will definitely send him soaring to the top of the charts. In my opinion this is the perfect song to cruise around town with some friends and is one that will get stuck in your head. Catchy lyrics aren’t the only thing jumping out of this track, but also the talent as a lyricist making each word blend beautifully together. Featuring Melo Muller this pair knows how to shred, and create unforgettable rhythms that will get you moving.

Listen to "What It Is" here and get to know more about Laray Da Savage below!

Laray Da Savage! Great to chat with you! Mind introducing yourself to our readers!? Where you’re from!?

Laray Da Savage is an upcoming artist from the inner city of Houston, Texas who's been gaining attention regionally as one of the most streamed artist in the city. Da Savage consistently delivers quality music to his fans, the connections is impactful and people draw closer to the sound as Laray continues to progress.

What is the meaning behind “What It Is”?

As humans we sometimes complicate things, when life isn't meant to be hard or complicated. As you get older life begins to show you the reality of being happy it's more than just an e-motion. Laray Da Savage implements a touch of humor explaining that you can live the life you want by deciding in your youth that your passion will drive you into your future. To make this connection feel relatable for the youth Da Savage brings excitement into the conversation exposing adults of their true nature, we all in it to have fun and embrace this worldly experience . 

What inspired you to write "What It Is"?

Creating music is a passion laray loves he makes music for the enjoyment of himself and others fans are attracted to his genuine sense of giving music away.

Do you have any key music influences? If so who/what and why?

Producer June James is a major influence on Da Savage music also artist like Cal Wayne, Omb bloodbath , rich homie quad , and lil Durk.

What personally stands you apart from other artists in the game!?

The ability to produce quality music that is relatable to people in the hoods and the suburbs.

What’s next for you through 2019?

Planning a big project for the summer a joint project with another artist on the label will be in the works as well. Plenty of shows are on the schedule, and maybe even a southern tour.


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