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What’s Hot: Bahama$ Single “Who Knew”

Upcoming unsigned Atlanta based Artist named Bahama$ hails from The Islands Of The Bahamas. This young artist is bringing a new flare to music independently. He has been collaborating with other artist and releasing music on various music platforms over a year now. Keeping his family first, this island boy is stopping at nothing to release music in his own way. Bahma$ hopes through this music game he remains humble. Sharing with us one of many singles, “Who Knew”.

This song has a really nice flow. The song starts off with a vocal layer and you can’t quite make out what it’s saying but it adds such a lovely tempo to this hit. And it is throughout not overpowering the lyrics just another complementary sound. Then in comes Bahama$ with the vocals. A lyrical rapper is what I would call it and not everyone can pull that auto-tune sound off. Allowing the beat to flow in and out with the lyrics, you catch small drums and 808 beats in the background. This gives the track a hip-hop/r&b sound. There’s a smooth bouncy vibe within the production as well as the lyrics that was done exceptionally well. There’s some Atlanta influences with a Bahma$ twist!

Listen to "Who Knew" here, and learn more about Bahama$ in out interview below!

Hey there! Could you introduce yourself and tell our readers a little bit about you?

I’m just a humble kid from The Bahamas, Grand Bahama to be specific. I moved to the United States when I was 14 in pursuit of the American Dream and what a fulfilling journey it has been this far.

Love your stage name! How did you choose it?

Well, the first place I lived when I initially   Moved over here was Kathleen, Georgia and I went to Perry High School, my Bahamian accent was super strong out the gate at the time and a couple of my peers and my 10th grade English teacher Ms. Williams gave me the name Bahama Breeze and after bout a day or two of my boy Knor introducing me to everybody it turned into “Bahamas”. When I started making music I felt it was only right I stick with something authentic, that I didn’t give to myself and people actually called me while simultaneously representing for the place I call home.

How has being from the islands influenced your music?

Being from The Bahamas gave me an extremely diverse outlook on the way I approach making music simply because I grew up listening to such a wide variety of styles and genre’s such as hip/hop ,rap, reggae, dancehall, r&b, pop, even a local genre known as rake n scrape. So I feel like it all meshes together when I create, sometimes it’s hard for me to place myself in any category. My father and my Aunty Laurie probably gave me the most sauce tho as far as the different ranges I listened to while I was living in The Bahamas, one minute I could be listening to Jeezy , the next I got Hugh Mundel or Damian Marley playing or you could even catch me with The Fray coming out of my headphones

Being in Atlanta where there’s tons of competition in the music industry, what has helped you get through and stand out? 

I feel like being authentic and being yourself helps you stand out in any setting or arena because there's no one on this earth exactly like you point blank period. Any where I’ve been I’ve always been me and I think that’s all I need really that’s the most important factor.

Tell us more about “Who Knew”?

I had the voice note on my phone for who knew for like a month before I went to the studio and recorded and that whole month, MarleyB and Dolla two of brothers by journey was like yeah bro you gotta go record that one ASAP lol but yeah I was just sitting in my room one day playing some beats and heard that one did a freestyle on a voice note and that’s what came out.

What can listeners expect from you in the near future?

Well right now I got a lot of heat in the bag and we working everyday so just tune in for the ride ya know this just the beginning of it all, bouta’ drop a lot of gems sooner than later.


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