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What's Old Is New With Just Allen's Track "Smile"

Just Allen is a singer and songwriter born and bred in Mississippi. He is a versatile artist able to combine old and new school elements of R&B music, creating songs capable of love and tenderness and a simple desire to get on the dance floor. Some of his influences include Teddy Pendergrass and Jeffrey Osbourne, but Just Allen is interested in taking these old school methods and presenting them with a modern twist. He was also the recipient of the 2016 Southern Laced Artist of the Year.

“Smile” is a single from Just Allen’s album called “This Time”. Listeners are immediately struck with a juxtaposition of old and new, with the samples for the beats having an unmistakable new-school vibe, and the vocals having a classic and timeless sonic quality. The mood is dignified, with a steady pace to the song in general. At times, backup vocals serve to elevate the lyrics in a tasteful and measured way. The chorus is beautifully crafted, complete with strings and a simple yet compelling lyrical melody. The vocals themselves are tuneful, thoughtful, and poetic in nature, and Just Allen seems to convey his message with relative ease and grace. We highly recommend you check out “Smile”, and the rest of Just Allen’s album.

Listen to "Smile" here. Check out our exclusive interview below!

Thank you so much for answering a few questions! To start off, how did you first become involved with music and songwriting?

I come from generations of musicians and singers, so it wasn’t long in my youth that I’d began to get into  music. At an early age I started to write poetry and poems. As time passed, I began singing whatever I had written on paper. 

Who would you describe as your greatest musical influences?

I’m a huge fan of people like James Brown, Teddy Pendergrass, Jeffery Osborne, and Michael Jackson.  Growing up watching those artists gave me the style of music I have today.


What does your writing process usually look like? How do your songs come together?

My song writing usually comes from past events that I have encountered. Many things I’ve gone through or visualized in life has been a part of my song process. I start of with putting words to melodies that I have playing over and over in my mind, and it comes out to be a masterpiece.


As a native of Mississippi, how would you describe the overall music scene there?

  The music scene in my great state of Mississippi is definitely live! So many musicians and singers, everyone walking around with these amazing musical talents. Most of the time you find people here that are in competition with each other to see who produce the best records. 

What can we hope to see from Just Allen moving forward?

  You can look forward to seeing me produce and write more music as well as out on a great show for the people who love my music and the talent that I bring to the R&B and Pop table. 


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