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When It Comes To Love, Gina Owens “Should’ve Known Better”

Gina Owens is your modern country-era singer/songwriter. The art of music was naturally engrained into her life at the young age of six, where she developed an honest appreciation for the nuances of sound. Two decades later, Gina Owens released her debut album in Nashville, TN, where she now crafts a more particular name for herself and her music.

The latest update on Gina Owens includes her single release, titled "Should've Known Better," which hones into the painful realities of gut feelings and how they truly never lie to us.

Diving right into the single, Gina Owens decides to be quite frank throughout the lyricism for "Should've Known Better." You can probably already assume the song's tone, especially since Gina Owens has this post-breakup mindset going on whilst writing and recording "Should've Known Better."

The nuance of her experience is presented, and Gina Owens embraces the fact that she should always remain true to herself and her gut feelings, especially when that's applied to people.

The fusion between country and pop music gives "Should've Known Better" its contemporary Southern charm. Gina Owens easily captivates the attention of listeners with her strong, affecting vocalism, which just seethes her personality.

The potency behind her emotion cannot go unfelt, which is one of our favorite characteristics of Gina Owen's music--she is also making sure that her audience is right there with her, feeling each pang of emotion that envelopes her resilient heart.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Gina Owens, and congratulations on your latest single, "Should've Known Better." How do you feel about the debut of "Should've Known Better?" Are there any elements to the song that you now feel differently about since its release?

I'm excited! This song went through multiple rough drafts and had a wide range of writers assisting, so I was excited to see the end result of everyone's ideas finally coming together.

What do you believe are the most powerful words in "Should've Known Better?" How were you hoping listeners would truly take these words in?

"I know you're telling her that I'm the bad guy. Do what you gotta do to get yourself to sleep at night." I feel like this is the most relatable lyric of the song. Anyone who's gone through a bad breakup knows there are always two sides to the story; their side and what actually happened. I feel like this captures that idea really well.

Did it feel like the events in "Should've Known Better" were relived while you were writing and recording the single?

Yes, but in a good way. For me, it's therapy to be able to write about the bad things that have happened in my life, whether it's about a bad relationship or something else. I love writing songs that I can put my real experiences into because I can be that much more passionate when I perform them.

Knowing that you've been dabbling in the art of music since you were six years old, can you remember a distinct point in time where a switch was made between you creating music for pure fun, and then you creating music for both fun and profession?

This was a pretty recent switch for me. Early in 2021, I made a trip to Nashville just for fun and was so incredibly inspired to try my hand at writing more seriously. Seeing so many talented songwriters/artists all share the same passion that I do, put a fire in my belly to give it a shot. I have always had the dream of making a career in music, but I never thought I could make it happen to come from small-town Iowa. I know I have a long way to go, and I'm constantly learning, but I'm proud of what I've accomplished in just a short amount of time.

What's next for you?

My plan is to continue writing, learning, and performing. I will have a few more singles released later this year that I'm very excited about as well!

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