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When Times Are Tough, Soul Push Reminds Us To "Keep On"

Soul Push exhibits anthem of the year vibes with a chart-topping record, "Keep On," formulated by two talented artists. They bring us vibes, an explosion of flavors, and lyrics to remember.

After writing for years and performing under private names, Canadian-born Andrew Dixon paired up with South African songwriter Conan Jurek. They started releasing music under the now-known name Soul Push, which began in early 2020.

Diversity is evident in Soul Push’s vast array of influences and lyrical content we often don't hear. Combining modernism with the romance of their earlier music decades, the duo affirms that there is still an art in storytelling; it's not about finding identity but exploring new ones.

"Keep On" gives us a deep motivation as Soul Push flaunts their vocals and combines all the elements for the record to be full sounding. In addition, they give us words of encouragement as they say, "Keep on keeping on." As we line up to listen to "Keep On," Soul Push introduces us to their mind as the drums enter, and we are at the edge of our seats to hear what will come next. Soul Push sends a gush of vocals our way, and immediately we fall in love with the words chosen, instrumental and overall production. The "Keep On" lesson tells us to keep pushing and never give up. Soul Push mentions that if things get tough, there's no other way but to get back up and try again. A life lesson we often hear, but this time in a Soul Push kind of way. Their unique combinations of sounds and melodies allow us to sing along, dance and share good vibes. Dance the night away with Soul Push and their banging new record, "Keep On," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Soul Push. We truly appreciate such a relatable anthem for our times like "Keep On", What inspired you to write about the topic you chose?

For this one, we worked with a badass producer down in LA called “RUSL”. It was our first time doing a collaboration, and he presented this idea to us, and we were really game to jump on board with it. I think the lyrics lend themselves to the struggle of life as an artist and how no matter what, you have to “keep on keeping on” and not give up on things you love most in this world, even though they can be soul-sucking sometimes, you have to kick back and get up.

Please expand on the songwriting process for "Keep On," Were there any difficult moments faced when this record was written?

This is sort of funny is that this was a period in my life where I was living in Downton Vancouver in an apartment on a busy street, and Andrew and I posted up there to record the vocals. It is not a treated space, and there were loads of cars honking outside and noise from pedestrians, so we had to wait for the perfect moment to hit “record”. There are a lot of unusable takes because there are load cars honking in the background or seagulls flying by the window. But we got it done I the end of the day, and Andrew was the one that had to comp the tracks and find the good takes…poor soul. How did you want the production and sonics in "Keep On" to make listeners feel? What was the goal for the song's overall atmosphere?

To be honest, RUSL sent us the demo of the track, and the vibe was already there. We didn’t want to change much of it at all. It felt like Tame Impala mixed with Soul Push, and we were very game for that. We added a few percussion bits to it to make it a little more diverse, but RUSL did the heavy lifting on this one. He’s a genius! How can listeners get to know you more personally with "Keep On"? How does this song represent Soul Push?

We’ve been a band since 2012, and things haven’t always been easy. It’s really tough in this industry, and it takes a lot to do what we do. We’ve been doing it for about 10 years now, and we’re still at it. We’ve been fortunate to have loads of success but also many bad times and failures, but it’s all part of the process. This song, for us, was an ode to the hard times of being an artist… you just have to Keep On.


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