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When You Just Need Some TLC, Try James Ghareeb And KROST On For Size

James Ghareeb is a just your normal everyday guy who possesses a pop mentality, buttressed by acoustic excitement and hip-hop soul. With Take Me Home, featuring the penetrating vocals of KROST, we’re treated to a marshmallow hot chocolate of a tender tune. It’s a solid next step for a guy from the Midwest who’s had a thrilling musical ride to date. In short order this dude has managed to hit the upper fives on iTunes’ Top Pop New Music chart. Not bad for a first EP.

This music is like lemonade on a sweltering Los Angeles Sunday, which is where he moved.

The song is like Bon Iver studying Sufjan Stevens. It’s all over you, but soothing as fuck. Take Me Home makes you wonder what you did wrong, while the reverberating piano reminds you to make the most of what’s in front of you. KROST, the female vocalist that jumps on halfway through kills you with prescience. It’s an earnest, post-Grimes and Feist, sort of stab. Sometimes it’s okay to just clear your mind.

Listen to "Take Me Home" here, and learn more about James Ghareeb in our interview below!


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