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Where Legends Are Destined Give Fans a Taste of 'Deluxe Harvest'

Reigning from Los Angeles, Where Legends Are Destined is a duo group that consists of Ryan Scottie and Nick Bomby.

Ryan Scottie is the piano man, vocalist, producer, graphic designer, and audio and video editor, while Nick Bomby is the guitarist and rapper for Where Legends Are Destined. This dynamic pair fuses together Hip-hop, Pop, and Rock elements, addressing positive messages in the intoxicating melodies they create.

Ryan and Nick grew up together as childhood friends in Wisconsin Dells. The two moved to Los Angeles on different accounts after college. Shortly after, they linked up together to start recording music and making the songs their vastly growing fan base knows and loves.

They tailored their first full-length album, 'Deluxe Harvest,' to significantly influence individuals, society, and culture. Honing in on the power to inspire the mind of the listener. As they are both extremely passionate about music, they take in every moment of the creative process and the growth that comes with it, and that can be heard through the sonic voyage of 'Deluxe Harvest.'

"11th Hour" is the first track that we can hear on 'Deluxe Harvest.' Commencing with the enticing drums playing ever so rhythmically and the lush strings to add to the instrumentation, this song is a solid introduction to this fifteen record project. As this song dabbles between genres, we can hear Ryan Scottie add an ominous touch with the elusive keys you hear in this composition's background. At the same time, Nick Bomby sheds powerful bars as he vocalizes the passion behind making every moment in life count. Ryan Scottie's mesmerizing performance is captured through his wide range of harmonies that put the cherry on top of this piece.

"Pictures in my Head" takes an Alternative Hip-hop forth approach as we slow the pace down as we realize that we're in store a vast amount of artistic versatility in this piece. Nick Bomby allows his intricate storytelling to shine through his lyricism as we listen to a story that addresses social media pressures that we, as humanity, have become victims to. Whether it be comparing ourselves and only flaunting the good, we have all created pictures in our head of what life is "supposed" to be like. The deluxe performance from Ryan Scottie as he opens up with a heartfelt chorus draws us in to complete this well-rounded song.

"The Walk" is the third record strategically placed on 'Deluxe Harvest.' The warm embrace of Ryan Scottie's distant vocals fills the speakers as we hear gentle keys and alluring hi-hats accompany the vocalization. We are soon hit by the empowering progression of everything Nick Bomby's cadences have to offer our soul as this piece starts further in the soundscape. As the striking guitar comes in, we hear heavy messaging that pairs with this alternative Rock forward sound.

The discussion of filling yourself with belief instead of the negative thoughts that tempt you to take over is extremely apparent in the carefully crafted lyrics. The overall theme of "The Walk" addresses the demons that we all carry with us in our lifetime.

"Lights Out" carries an upbeat dreamscape of sounds that collide. The glistening features make the Pop elements stand out on an all-time high as we are pulled into this specific piece. To our surprise, Rock n Roll comes powering through as we hear Ryan Scottie shred some electric chords. Nick Bomby gives his emcee conveyance a different type of pizazz that only he can offer as we hear this song act as a letter to a special someone that seems to be drifting off without him by his side. Addressing the distance that can come between relationships, "Lights Out" hits all sorts of genres as Where Legends Are Destined fuses and bends the flavors.

"Where Legends Are Destined" is the track that is named after the dynamic duo themselves. Once again slowing the tempo down with striking harmonies and a wide vocal range, Ryan Scottie's talents blend effortlessly with the likes of the pressing, conscious lyricism we can hear from Nick Bomby's talents. These artists' ability to take a blank canvas and paint a full picture into their world in a matter of moments is truly outstanding. As we sink deeper into our seats, we hear hard-hitting truths about adapting to life itself and the balance that we carry within ourselves. The memorable hook ends off with the title of the track that is, in turn, the title of the band.

"Distractions" kicks off with the rowdiness to the max as we instantly have our headbanging to this interlude filled with captivating guitar riffs. Focusing on social media and the distraction it is in our lives, Nick Bomby and Ryan Scottie take control as they drive home this track that clocks in at under a minute.

"The Drive (Skit)" is a skit that is carefully placed at the halfway point of 'Deluxe Harvest." As Ryan Scottie and Nick Bomby indulge in a conversation about the lack of artists using their music to spread awareness and positivity. They jump into what they want to hear from music as the listener and lead us into the next record's theme on the tracklist.

"Uneducated Debate" picks up right where "The Drive (Skit)" left off. Instantly addressing this song to all rappers that refer to themselves as musicians, the expressions are clear as day as we listen to the intoxicating versus Nick Bomby is sending us through our headphones. This record is the perfect combination of Hip-hop and Rock as Nick Bomby shreds on the guitar and permits the elements to fuse, allowing the angst to ooze from their performance. The longer the song progresses, the more intense the instrumentation gets as we leave off on a hard-hitting note.

"Dellz Boiz" is the ninth track off of 'Deluxe Harvest.' Nick Bomby can be heard depicting carefully crafted words of fighting in the battle of life as his clear and present vocalization grasps onto multiple points fluttered over Ryan Scottie's Rock n Roll edge. The melodic harmonies and delicate components that come into play add a textured dimension to break this track into pieces as they leave it all on the table for us to interpret in our own manner.

"Unknown Waters" follows suit with a Rock forward composition. Every key, synth, and pad added gives "Unknown Waters" a vivid and rhythmic bounce that has you tapping your fingers and toes to the instrumentation. Using this record to tell a story of having the courage to rise, drives home positivity and viable solutions in the music they put forth. Where Legends Are Destined continues to carry forward with the themes that they want to be remembered by.

Coming in at number eleven on the tracklist, we have "Harvest." The distant sounds that progress forward in this soundscape add an exciting dynamic as we can hear numerous components that are going into this complex upbeat composition. Speaking the cold hard truths of holding a dominant mindset while tackling all of your goals and aspirations, Where Legends Are Destined to combine the intensity of conscious bars and glorious harmonies to send this message to the minds of their listeners.

"Float Away" begins with a humorous skit of a knocking at the door and the joining of two friends floating up to cloud nine as they zone in and seek their inspiration from Mary Jane. This story in musical format is all about Where Legends Are Destined, discovering the captivating effects of marijuana. A feel-good record that will have you anticipating where this story is headed as the two depict images as you are sent down memory lane reminiscing about your wild high school days. "Elevate, meditate to a higher state" stays long on our minds even after this track is over.

"Barley Took a Glance" allows us to regain focus on the moments that we barely took a glance at in our own lifetimes. As a tool of reflection, we can hear Rock and Hip-hop blending as one in this minute-long track that takes us back and reminds us to appreciate all of the moments we have at hand. Nothing lasts forever.

"Dealer's Choice" initially gives off the dystopian meets futuristic ambiance before we get into some Trap drums that carry the pace of the fourteenth song on "Deluxe Harvest." Nick Bomby tells a tale of people always shadowing him with doubt as he grew up in this crazy little thing called life. The simplistic structure of the instrumentation that Ryan Scottie has out in place gives the words' forceful presentation to play a shining spotlight. They complement each other exceptionally as we come to the near end of everything that is 'Deluxe Harvest.'

The final song that we can hear on the first official album of Where Legends Are Destined is "Crumble." The brilliant piano being played from left to right, accompanied by the vocals of Nick Bomby and Ryan Scottie. As we know, we are in for quite the final. Giving us major vibes that take us into the imagery of life crumbling around us, we can't help but be transported mentality where we want to take full control of everything around us. Speaking to us how easy it is to lose control and have everything crumble, this hard-hitting outro gets its point across in an effortless manner. "Crumble" is is the triumphant finale that 'Deluxe Harvest' deserves.

Congratulations on the release of 'Deluxe Harvest.' This entire record is a story winding in creativity! We would love to know; what made you decide to fuse together the sounds of Hip-hop, Rock, and Pop?

Thank you very much! We both come from different backgrounds of music, As well as different genres and styles. One band, we are equally Influenced by is Linkin Park. We love the idea of fusing genres together Because we believe music is as boundless as the sea and the sky. There should be no set rules or limitations that keep you within one genre when we are all influenced by many different sounds and styles of music.

Where did the name for the album 'Deluxe Harvest' originate from?

The title of our release “deluxe harvest” derives from one of our tracks called “harvest” from our original EP, which we released last year. We decided to re-master our tracks from the EP, and include them on this full album release as a bonus. That’s where the “deluxe” part comes from.

How long did it take for you both to record the collected works at hand? Was the tracklist always supposed to be that way?

We’ve been working on these tracks over the course of about five years. Everything has been done in-house in Ryan's home studio. Truth be told, the whole project started as two good friends from grade school just hanging out. One day we decided to start making music, nothing too serious just having a good time together, doing what we enjoy. We realized later on what we were creating was pretty good stuff, and decided to release them to the public. As far as the order of the tracklist is concerned, we decided to organize them in the fashion that the old tracks from the EP would be blended throughout the album with the new tracks, that way you get a good blend of the old stuff and the new stuff.

We know that every artist is different; what is your reasoning for adding skits and interludes into your album?

The skit that we added was originally the intro to “uneducated debate”. The idea was to have me and Ryan casually talking in a car ride, which introduces the following song in a fashion that picks up right from the conversation. “Distractions” is our short Interlude track. It was originally a guitar lick Nick came up with and we decided to add some bars to it. We wanted to try a variety of things throughout the Album, being that it is our first full release. The main idea really was to have fun with it and enjoy the process

What is the main message that you would like your listeners to take away from 'Deluxe Harvest'?

Our message is embodied In the track Harvest. Everything you see, you do, every thought, every person you talk to, is like planting a seed. Every seed you plant will reap a harvest. The main message is To be conscious of the seeds of plants in life. Understand the power of the mind, you have control of your thoughts, and your thoughts have power. Many studies show the brain is the highest transmitter and receiver of frequencies. If frequency can be translated into energy, and energy never dies, it shows how powerful the mind really is. Almost everything that is physical has started as a mental vision initially. We want to share this with the world in our music, in the process, we grow as well.


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