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Where Pop Intersects with Electronic Dance in “Canvas” by Adrian Jauregui

Music production has always been a passion of Adrian Jauregui, starting from the age of 17. This Los Angeles native from Pico Rivera, California aims to produce a unique experience for fans by combining pop and electronic dance genres into one astounding piece. To be released in the coming weeks, his first EP titled, “CANVAS”.

Within the first few seconds of listening to  “Crossfire”, I was hooked. Adrian pulls you in with exciting and entertaining beats along with strong vocals. The incorporation of mysterious, female features (Breana Marin) gives this song an additional layer of depth as the two work in unison to create this astounding track. The chorus reminds me of a younger Jason Derulo with similar vibes to the song “Solo”. Jauregi waving vocal range and particular emphasis of words additionally give off a Chris Brown vibe. “Crossfire” beautifully depicts a conflict between lovers, a common theme many can relate to. This track will have you feeling, dancing and remembering past experiences. Adrian completely captures the essence of pop culture while incorporating his individualistic blend of EDM. Adrian is a triple threat and will no doubt go on to become a successful; singer, songwriter and producer. We love Adrian's musical expression and can’t wait to hear more!

Listen to "Crossfire" here.


Hi Adrian and welcome to Buzzmusic! How does it feel to release your first EP? It's insane and feels so surreal. Honestly, it's pretty crazy that a person's imagination can become a reality! But extremely excited and blessed. Crossfire is such a unifying piece both musically and lyrically, what inspired this creation? I found the producer on social media and enjoyed his beats, once I heard this particular beat, I fell in love with it and began writing. The storyline behind "Crossfire" relates to a past relationship. I attempt to be as transparent as possible to let my listeners into my life. We like your ability to fuse pop and electronic sounds together, which artists how become muses or influences in your works? I absolutely love Pop, however, musicians such as Diplo, Skrillex, Kaskade, and Calvin Harris are a huge impact in my sound. “Crossfire” has such depth and is so enjoyable to listen to. How did you and Breana meet and did you both work off each other's vocals to create this track or did you select her after the fact? Considering we live in the 21st Century, it's crazy that artists and musicians no longer have to be in the same room. This song was worked on remotely. In fact, Breana pre-recorded the hook and I bounced off her voice. However, the chemistry between both of us created such a beautiful melodic sound! Thanks for chatting with us. Tell us do you have more singles in the works or any gigs we can follow you at? I have a single dropping on Black Friday called NOVA and my EP dropping early December! You can follow my journey on social media @ajauregui28 on IG. I love interacting with all my fans and love collaborating with other artists if anyone is interested!


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