Whysohated Immerses Us in Simmering Vibes with his Debut Single, "Hotspot"

Afrofusion artiste Whysohated releases his rhythmic debut single, "Hotspot." Adewale Oluwaseun Temitope, affectionately known as Whysohated is a Nigerian born and raised artist who is garnering attention in the United States. The California based artist started his musical journey while he was still in Nigeria and decided to pursue his burning passion for sound. Always known as the quiet boy growing up, he harvested an abundance of energy hand out to the people around him with the message he wants to share

Whysohated is vastly known for his ability to fuse beloved music genres and his diverse take on combining African-American sounds to create what he calls "vibe music," popularly known as Afrofusion.

"Hotspot" begins with the smooth and rhythmic sounds of the island, like instrumentation pulsing in an ambient fashion. Whysohated's vocals gently greet the up-tempo beat in a deep and soothing manner that sends chills down your spine. He vocalizes striking words that are meant to tell a story of the fiery love he has in his heart for this special someone who has swept him off his feet. The sizzling words he conveys like, "Baby, you put me on a hotspot," remain mesmerizing in the hook he delivers.

The tone that Whysohated conveys in his cadenced delivery has you hanging onto each line he performs. The unique flavor that he sprinkles into this piece heats things up while he exudes a vivid and comforting embrace on this sonic voyage. The delicate yet prevailing presence through each verse, chorus, and hook have you singing along to this record long after the song has ended. Whysohated manages to showcase his exclusive taste through the artistic versatility in this introduction to the music industry. With the force and talent he is putting forth, it is no doubt that he will remain unstoppable.