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Wiild Berry Delivers Her Music Video for, "You Put a Spell On Me"

Haitian-American singer/songwriter Annie Candice Cadet, known artistically as Wiild Berry, is back with her distinguishable, jazzy, and indie sound. Having already crafted her artistic career with authentication, Wiild Berry is continuing to be on the rise with her alluring and attractive sound. Her latest project includes her highly anticipated music video release of her already-debuted single, "You Put A Spell On Me."

If you haven't already heard "You Put A Spell On Me," then let's quickly recap the voluptuous and sensuous style that Wiild Berry promotes in the song. She establishes a certain hypnotic presence with her perfectly refined, lush vocal tone.

The music video puts Wiild Berry's talents on full display, promoting her arousing vocal elements to the tee. In terms of visuals, an intimate stage performance by Wiild Berry herself is given in "You Put A Spell On Me," and she pours her affection out to her audience with composing passion. A second storyline gets presented with a male counterpart, which offers moments of extreme sensuality and enthusiasm.

It's safe to say that viewers will most definitely be entertained with Annie Cadet's creative performance in her music video "You Put A Spell On Me," which is now available for watching.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Annie, aka, Wiild Berry. How does it feel to finally have this music video released to your listening base?

It’s such a wonderful feeling, a dream come true to finally have my first visual out. But it’s just the beginning for more to come.

Can you elaborate more on the chosen visuals for "You Put A Spell On Me" and how they attributed to the main theme of your song?

The visual was based on a “love at first sight” kinda feeling, and it was perfect for the song lyrics, how the main character met this man and she couldn’t get him out of her mind. Then while taking a bath, she entered a dream state where she’s performing for him at a bar.

What kind of approach were you taking on with the construction of your music video for this particular song? How did it feel to go through the creative process for the video?

I wanted to project something romantic with a vintage feel, especially in the performing scene. but still modern. And I had a great team who worked so hard to help bring the vision to life. So I’m very grateful.

Looking back on the progression of "You Put A Spell On Me," how do you feel about the final product? Are there any elements to the process that you want to highlight? Is there anything you would do differently for the next video you release?

Everything came out so great, I am so happy with the final product. I would definitely do more outdoor scenes for my next video.

What's next for you, Annie?

Right now, I’m releasing my EP which will go live on September 1st. Also working on my next music video.

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