Wild Horse Gets Vulnerable in, "Symphony of Broken Hearts"

Championed by BBC Introducing and critics globally, Wild Horse continue to leave their marks as prodigious in every way. Jack Baldwin, older brother Henry Baldwin, and friend Ed Barnes on drums gel together flawlessly to form irresistibly catchy indie rock, always uniquely infused with their diverse tastes.

Covering all bases in order to incorporate elements of pop, classic rock, punky reggae, blue-eyed soul, dirty funk, rap, Latin and so much more into their distinctive sound, Wild Horse has crafted a sound that is truly their own brand of indie.

Immediately creating a gravitational pull with the mesmerizing tempo explored in “Symphony of Broken Hearts,” we’re charged up by the amplified essence of emotion that has our minds transported to a poignant place.

What strikes our ears as robustly unique has to be the fact that the minimal approach to the instrumentation allows the brilliant wording to land with purpose. Each prevailing key that’s performed adds a certain intimacy into the composition's scheme. Cascading with a resonated bassline that drives the infectious grooves in a way that leaves you longing for more, there’s a striking blend of musicality that has us baffled with the power that can be held in a single track.

Every moment in “Symphony of Broken Hearts,” has its place, and the smoldering croons that profess lyrical motifs reflecting on the feelings of loss experienced after a breakup, have our perspective shaped heavily by what Wild Horse aims to convey. Going as far as to shine a light on the depth of emotions that come from an experience as such, we even get to explore the anger and resentment that comes with forcing yourself to reflect on the past.

Never one to let us down, the impact of this record has us eager to click the repeat button, as we vulnerably open ourselves to the themes addressed.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Wild Horse. The beauty that lies in “Symphony of Broken Hearts” lingers in our headspace with utter force. Was there a particular moment that inspired the creation of this record?

The song was inspired by the initial feelings of sadness and confusion in the wake of a breakup. We wanted to keep this song extremely honest and raw so that our listeners can relate to it as much as possible.

Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when bringing this song to life? How did everyone in the band contribute to the ultimate vision?

The song started out with Jack playing around on the piano until he came up with the chord progression. From there the lyrics came quite quickly. Lyrically, it was not a difficult song to write as it was just so honest with how Jack was feeling at the time. The song was brought to the rest of the band where Henry came up with the subtle and driving bassline and Ed came up with what we felt was the perfect beat to match the mood of the song. We wanted to keep the music really simple and let the lyrics shine on this one. In terms of the gospel-esque backing vocals, that came from messing around in our home studio whilst trying to figure out what harmonies should be on the song and it ended up taking the song to a whole other level.

How does the intimacy of “Symphony of Broken Hearts,” compare to the emotion shed in previously released songs?

Our two previous singles have been very upbeat and fun. There is a lot of songs like that on our upcoming project but there is also a lot of moodier ballads. “Symphony of Broken Hearts” is the first taste of that side of our next project. The project itself is all about learning to love yourself and to not care what other people think of you and the process that you have to embark on to achieve that, the highs (the more upbeat songs), and the lows (the sadder songs).

If your audience could take away one lesson from this track, what would you want it to be?

That it is ok to not feel ok after a breakup, or in general for that matter. It is important to be open and honest with your emotions because by coming to terms with how you are feeling you will find it so much easier to realize what you need to do or change in your life to start feeling better.