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Wild Horse Instills a Resonated Sense of Funk in New Single, "Freaky Together"

Creating waves throughout the industry, the East Sussex, UK, Indie-Pop trio Wild Horse, consists of brothers Jack and Henry Baldwin, and longtime friend and drummer Ed Barnes.

Having garnered the eyes and ears of many across the nation with their unique sound inspired by a plethora of genres, Wild Horse indulges fans in music that ranges from Pop and Classic Rock to Funk and Rap.

Layered with the intricate words of lyricist Jack, wise beyond his years and proving yet again that age is just a number, Wild Horse continues to excite, engage and captivate their audience with each new release they put forth.

This time around, the band unleashes an unexpected side to them with the release of their latest hit, "Freaky Together,” their second single release of 2021. Brought to listeners in anticipation of their fifth studio album set to be released in November, this record has us grasping onto an array of sounds lead by empowering, soul-infused vocals, and booming percussion patterns.

Encouraging their audience to get up out of their seat and drown in the infectious grooves unveiled, this funky atmosphere fashioned by the trio has us exposed to a fresh and vibrant sound.

Wild Horse has established a way to incorporate the sensation of nostalgia, all while allowing the listeners to identify with every last emotion situated in the song. From the first melodic cry to the moment the drums kick in, "Freaky Together" reels you into an ambiance that’s escorted by electricity and affection.

Honing and owning their core resonance, Wild Horse cascades speakers with an indie sound that can attain chart soaring status worldwide. The fortified percussion hits, through and through, embellished with funky electric guitar and bass riffs, are sure to get your blood flowing and your soul captivated. The undeniable talent present within these three young men is at its purest form, and will no doubt cater to their vision and mission, as they pursue their journey to global recognition.

Congratulations on the release of "Freaky Together." We love the way you manage to bring this soundscape to the foreground through the buoyancy laced into the funk delivered. When it came down to creating this song, were you inspired by anything specific for it to come to life?

In terms of being inspired by specific music for this track, we had been listening to “Funk Wav Bounces Vol 1” by Calvin Harris a lot and we wanted to recreate that fun sound with our own twist on it. Of course, the guitar line was directly influenced by the playing of Nile Rodgers and the bass fills were influenced by Daft Punk. Basically, any sort of disco/dance music inspired us on this track as we wanted to go in that direction as it was a genre of music we had not yet explored in terms of our writing.

Could you please share a glimpse of the creative process that you embarked on when structuring this song? With three of you bringing something different to the sound you deliver, does this process often vary?

The creative process does often vary, but for this track as well as many others from our new album, it came directly from Jack locking himself in his home studio and experimenting with different keyboard sounds. The track was written in the first lockdown in 2020 where Jack had decided to teach himself how to play the keyboard. He began experimenting with different sounds until he found the opening organ sound and the user could pitch shift a chord. From there he knew there had to be a Nile Rodgers-inspired guitar part and the vocal melody and lyrics came very quickly from there. After bringing the song to the rest of the band, Henry quickly brought in a signature funk bass line that worked perfectly and Ed brought in a fitting four-on-the-floor disco beat that brought the song to life.

How does "Freaky Together" reflect on your forthcoming album release? What are you able to tell fans about what they can expect?

We want our next album to be more of an emotional journey that all our listeners can relate to, with more fun, carefree sections and also more somber moments. “Freaky Together” is more of the many fun songs on the album so people can certainly expect more songs in this sort of style but also many songs with a much different style.

What's your mission statement as a band? How do you ensure to let that shine through your brand?

Our mission statement is simple. We want to keep putting out music that we enjoy and that our listeners can relate to. We also want to continue to get our music out to as many people as possible. We think this shines in our music more and more these days as we have taken a more honest approach to write, especially lyrically. We write about personal experiences on this album that we feel people will relate to and the ultimate goal is to really make the listeners feel like they know us as people by the end of the album. In terms of our branding, we always update it with every project we go into to reflect that we are discovering ourselves as we go through life which we believe is something that everyone is doing, and so in a way humanizes our music to the listeners.

What's next for you?

In terms of what’s next, we have more singles coming shortly of course the album towards the end of the year. Beyond that, we hope to be able to go on tours not only of the UK but also around Europe and the US as we have not yet been able to gig outside of the UK and we would love to be able to put on shows for our fans who live in different countries. From there, we hope to keep writing songs that we enjoy and that the listeners themselves can relate to.


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