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Wild Story Seeks the "High," of the Moment

Los Angeles-based alternative duo Wild Story lets listeners feel the "High" with their latest anthemic and exhilarating summer single.

Between the cinematic, immersive production of Viv Parker and the adventurous, dynamic, and vulnerable melodies of Katie Hargrove, Wild Story felt instant chemistry from their first writing session. Always staying true to themselves and each other, Wild Story strives to encourage the listener to embrace who they are, create their own narrative, and own it wholeheartedly.

Through the band's latest release, "High," Wild Story introduces listeners to an anthemic and captivating experience with help from their driving production and picturesque lyricism.

"'High' is about the feeling and imagination behind whatever gets you high; not just the obvious drugs/alcohol, but also about being lifted on living in the moment and taking it all as it comes," states Wild Story.

Jumping into the single, "High," the track greets us with a stimulating mid-tempo drum arrangement, a heavy bassline, and Katie Hargrove's breathy and low vocal stylings. While describing exciting scenes of capturing a moment's highs and living entirely in the present, we're met with the exhilarating hook where Viv Parker's vibrant alternative production punches our speakers with radiant synths and organic drum breaks.

Reaching the daydreamy bridge, Katie Hargrove lowers her vocal tone alongside a pulsating background synth and a groovy bassline. Taking us around the hook one last time, Wild Story has genuinely created an anthemic summer banger for anyone to get down with.

Savor the moment with help from Wild Story's latest stimulating single, "High," and find the track on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Wild Story. We're definitely feeling a "High" from your latest single. What inspired you to create a song that encourages listeners to live in the moment?

“High” came together really organically and we knew we had something special. We wrote this song with one of our favorite co-writers, Jessica Cole. We wanted to create something that allowed people the chance to get out of their heads and feel free; even if just for a few minutes.

Being that Katie Hargrove handles the vocal aspects of your group, did she also manage the songwriting process for "High?" Or was this a collaborative process?

We both write all of our songs together! We are really grateful for how collaborative we are able to be with our music. Some songs we start from the ground up together while with other songs, one of us might have a chorus melody that we build the whole song around. No matter the song, they are always equal parts of both of us.

Since Viv Parker created the production and sonic arrangement for "High," could he elaborate on how he wanted the song to feel and what sort of atmosphere he was aiming to achieve?

I wanted it to sound really ambient, huge and driving at the same time. The verses feel somewhat intimate. Katie sounds like she's right there in the room with you; singing to you. Then the chorus feels like this big release of emotion between the soaring melodies, the synths, and guitars, and the massive drums. I wanted the sonics of this song to have celebratory energy to it, and I hope everyone who listens connects in some way to what we wrote!

Does your duo usually create such picturesque and anthemic songs like "High?" Or was this song more of a seasonal release to give listeners a song of the summer?

As contrived as it may sound, we try not to have anyone that defines our music. With all of the music we make, we strive to blend the boundaries of genre and just make music that we love. While our band is definitely rooted in Pop, we just try to create music for all seasons of life.



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