Will Buck Is Giving Us Old-School Alternative Rock With Latest Single "Burn"

Residing in Hydes, MD, Will Buck pours his intention and emotion into his music like a genuine, alternative rock music artist. Will has had the purest love for music since his childhood years, and you can really sense that dedication when listening to his musical offerings. Guitar is what resonated most with Will, and he's able to showcase that side of him through his music. His music is the best of the alternative rock scene. We're receiving hints of rock elements from the early 2000's, combined with a more contemporary vocal sound. Will Buck is a rock artist to look out for, his music continues to get better each time, and listeners will receive a more refined version of hard rock. Will's upcoming EP "Stone Feather" is set to release this fall, and we're already counting down the days to when we'll be blessed with this alternative artists curations. 

"Burn" is the latest release from Will, and it integrates that heavy-hitting rock sound fellow rock lovers are accustomed to, but with a soft and amicable integration of a more mellow feel. "Burn" is meant for listeners that need that feel-good road trip song they can jam out to (you already know we were jamming out at the office with this one). We're obsessed with the rugged tone Will is able to maintain throughout his music, especially because is makes for an old-school atmosphere we've dearly missed with alternative rock pieces. Will's vocal dynamics show elements similar to Oasis, twenty one pilots, while the production mirrors aspects of The Black Keys. The combination of rhythms Will can obtain in "Burn" is what makes the song addicting to us. You can definitely listen to "Burn" and not get tired of the listening to the same track 100 times in a row. Will has that vocal presence that's habitual and noteworthy. An alternative rock artist that isn't going anywhere, anytime soon!

Give a listen to "Burn" here, and continue reading for our interview with Will below!

Hey there Will! Great to have you on BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers about your upcoming EP release of "Stone Feather"?

Groovy, thanks for having me back! I'm so excited to release Stone Feather! I wrote this EP in the time that I was transforming into a solo artist and the overarching theme is embracing both the darkness and light within yourself. Recognizing the deep dark depths of the cave and trying to make out what is carved into the ancient walls while also reaching for the ever present sunlight that holds so much love and promise. I touch upon the nostalgic beauty of my farm upbringing, my transition to manhood, toxic relationships, the pressures of societal expectations, life on the road, the breakup of my band, the rock bottom that followed and the ultimate decision to pull myself backup and shoot for a second chance. I recorded the EP in Brooklyn at Figure 8 Studios with Eli Crews as the head engineer. I played/produced the majority of the instruments with the exception of my boy Andrew Oakley from WWO on drums and one of my oldest friends Wyatt Strassner on some killer guitar and vocals. Ross Newbauer produced the vocals and mixed the entire EP and Brian Lucey who’s worked on some of my all time favorite albums mastered it. 

What does music mean to you? 

Music is everything to me. I'm completely obsessed. I honestly think it's the only thing I'm absolutely certain of in my life. I was put here to play and I knew this from an unusually young age. Like a baby who's learning to talk finds out the sky is blue for the first time. They say it over and over again. In that moment they have realized a fact that is one hundred percent true. They feel it in their bones and they are so certain that they have to continually say it out loud until that the world understands. In my case it came by way of my fathers record collection, my moms undying love of dancing in the kitchen and my uncle playing the acoustic guitar in front of me at age four. After that, I started learning the guitar before I finished learning the alphabet and it's been engrained in me ever since. I can tell you the exact moment I heard each of my heroes for the first time and what it felt like. Now, finding new artists or albums that consume me has become a necessity, writing songs is inevitable, remaining a humble student is a lifestyle and persistent practice is a habit. 

What are the most impactful lyrics from "Burn" in your opinion? 

Despite what many listeners or critics have gravitated towards, I think the lyrical power lies within the verses of Burn not the choruses. Although I love the fierce nature of the chorus, the verses hold more metaphors and underlying concepts. In particular perhaps "silver bullet with your pistol pointed high" or "six feet under will you bring your fancy shoes to?". 

What are your main aspirations as an artist right now?

My main aspirations as an artist right now are to write the best possible songs I can, connect with the fans who resonate with my music and put on a kick ass show! I’ve gotten spun out on trends, followers, branding, networking and all that before but ultimately I don’t think that matters if you can’t achieve or at least strive to achieve those three things. Call me old fashioned but I’ve just gotta be myself, be sincere and be direct. I’m here for the long haul and I’m relentless when it comes to my passion so I’m making sure I set this thing up right this time! 

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