Wind Down with Ama Chir and His Latest Instrumental Release

From teaching piano to writing electronic music, Ama Chir is no stranger to the realm of music. After receiving his bachelor's and master’s degrees in music, Ama began to compose his own music, inspired by classical music and her old favorite bands like Thursday and Taking Back Sunday.

Ama Chir’s latest Spotify release is a fully instrumental song he has named “Song4”.

"Song4" is mostly piano, with light percussion and electronic sounds added in to spice things up. The melody is simple and repetitive, the perfect song to learn if you are a beginner piano player or looking to try something new. He switches up the dynamics and plays around with the melody as the song progresses. The simplicity of “Song4” would make it a nice song to play in the background of studying or working, an extra boost of motivation without being distracting.

Ama Chir’s music shows that he is just going with the flow and experimenting with fun sounds. He is not taking life too seriously and is inspiring others to follow their heart and think less about the people around you. Ama Chir has other instrumental tracks on Spotify as well, so check those out if “Song4” interests you.

Listen to “Song4” by Ama Chir here.

Hello Ama Chir and welcome to BuzzMusic. What gave you the idea for “Song4”? How long did the production process take?

My writing process is fairly organic. I come up with a melodic idea or a rhythmic groove, and build off that. I’m a believer in living-in-the-now musically speaking, so I get it done as quickly as possible. Song4 was written in like an hour. 

How did your university education in music help develop your sound? What is the biggest lesson you learned? Understanding theory and all that it entails is paramount for me. Harmony, rhythm, tonality, form—this is music theory. Understanding these concepts creates a foundation for musical expression. I don’t incorporate a very complex harmonic language into my electronic music, however, knowing the rules allows you to open your mind to new possibilities. That said, I doubt anyone wants to hear a whole bunch of chromatic mediants or secondary dominants outside of the classical world, but maybe Song5 will get a little wild.  Do you create all your songs like “Song4” on your own? What is your setup like? I write everything on my own. My setup is very low-tech. I have a keyboard, a guitar, and a laptop. I use Finale music notation software. I don’t really care all that much about the bells and whistles. If I can get my ideas to 80%, that’s good enough..move on to the next thing.  Do you ever incorporate your songs into your student’s piano classes? I have one student that is really into EDM, so we have discussions. Other than that, my students are strictly classical.  What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? I have been absolutely JAMMING some oldies from my younger years. Early stuff from bands like Thursday, Senses Fail, and Shai Hulud have been on repeat lately. I actually don’t listen to electronic music much myself, apparently, I just write it; guess I’m an outsider trying to breakthrough!