With New Single “Nihilist,” Fleurt Shares Why she Remains Bored

Born in Queens, New York, Alessandra Licul created hew own musical persona called Fleurt in 2018. She was done with working in Brooklyn’s “sad boi” band scene and decided to set out on her own to produce the type of music that meant something to her. Fleurt creates nostalgia-pop music that focuses on themes of loneliness, quiet desperation, and boy-craziness. She has just released “Nihilist,” a single based on coming to terms with the fact that something that used to “mean something” to a person in their past could mean nothing in their present.

With “Nihilist’s” melancholic message, Fleurt has created a theme of becoming bored with things of the past. She repeats the phrase, “I’m thinking maybe I’m a nihilist,” meaning that her rejection of moral principles leads her to believe that life is meaningless. Fleurt maintains this strong message by including verses like “I’m getting bored of New York” and “I’m getting bored of myself.” The emotion behind the lyrics will be best understood by those who seek satisfaction through new sensations. With her intelligent lyrics, Fleurt is telling fans that its ok to be bored – the last thing she wants is to be wasting her life. Paired with the fragility of a music box-style melody, which holds true to Fleurt’s theme, an electronic drum beat creates “Nihilist’s” synthetic soundscape. Like her songwriting, Fleurt’s smooth vocals are honest and raw. With its theatrical flavors and bold theme, Fleurt’s new single “Nihilist” will definitely have fans thinking.

Listen to "Nihilist" here.