With Raw And Uncut Bars, Buddy Lo Presents His Single “Changed Me”

Buddy Lo, the native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, is an independent hip-hop recording artist who started seeking a career in the music industry around 2015. Later on, he founded his own record label in 2018 called “ Limitless Entertainment Group LLC.”

Buddy Lo released his single titled “Change Me” and the opening lyrics were “Money can’t change me” and this instantly captured my attention. I grasped the initial thought that Buddy Lo was about to lyrically capture the game! The intense punch Buddy Lo strikes you within the introduction have you eased in with the energetic record. “Change Me” gets you hyped, and prepared for an upcoming major event. Personally, I believe this song is in a way motivational. “Get on your grind, stack up your paper” “F*ck what they say, the vision is clear” are just a few of the many examples of inspirational lyricism Buddy Lo delivered in “Change Me”. I was able to feel this record on a more personal level due to the lyrics. Due to this, I connected with the artist more then I would’ve. Buddy Lo has all the right ingredients to leave his mark in the rap industry. The current wave of hip-hop is constantly changing, but Buddy Lo undeniably can ride the waves through multiple transitions and trend changes. We’re personally anticipating what’s to come from Buddy Lo. the question is simple, can money change you?

Listen to "Change Me" here and get to know more about Buddy Lo below!

Introducing Buddy Lo! We were fascinated when we read you founded your own record label! Tell us about this! What were some challenges you faced during the way?

I've faced different adversity in my life on this journey with music professionally from things such as trying to figure out the business side of things also from people you thought was close to you criticizing your career choice. Figuring out ways to fund my business and stay out of the streets. I wanted to give up sometime, but something inside of me told me to keep going. As the late great nipsey hussle quoted its a marathon.

In what ways does your single “Change Me” reflect who you are as an artist?

I mean in most of my songs i speak from real life events so it was something that came from the heart. I really didn't try to overthink on the record i just let my emotion take over the beat and paint pictures. I also was going through a time where i was traveling, and pushing a single to build my brand, during that time i was also facing legality issues, and I also took a couple of emotional losses as well.

What is the message you hope your listeners receive from listening to “Change Me”?

Don't let anybody deter you from what you want in life. If you feel in your heart that you can accomplish something, and your taking the necessary to steps to make that dream a goal and accomplish that goal go for it. Every action was once a thought with that being said put your thought into action keep faith in God and anything is possible im still on my journey.

What are some of the career goals you hope to have accomplished one year from today!?

Just staying consistent keep putting out quality content building fans and more music lovers blogs and people will recognize the art and hard work like you did, And soon i'll be the biggest artist in the game. I actually feel that way.

In the meantime, when can we expect the next hit from Buddy Lo?

I actually already have one locked and loaded, maybe in the next couple of months i'll drop a single and visual,but for now im just focusing on "CHANGE ME' and pushing it to the masses.

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