With Relatable Lyrics And Passionate Vocals, Arvie Bennett JR Releases “Mad At You”

Born to teen parents in the small mill town of Ninety-Six, South Carolina, Arvie Bennett Jr. began his life far away from the bright lights of the stage. Most of his childhood was spent on his grandparent's farm, learning, and living the life of a cowboy. Although money was scarce at the time, Arvie inherited faith from God--something more than money could ever purchase! Arvie grew up with an early passion for sports. Football and Baseball to be more specific, he ended up playing college ball at Lander University. On the road to Nashville, TN and Winter Records, Arvie Bennett Jr. has experienced the extreme highs and lows that inevitably come with being an artist. He has confronted the challenges that all musicians face each day, as well as dealing with his own personal demons.

Arvie Bennett Jr released his single titled “Mad At You” and this song begins with beautiful engrossing acoustic chords to settle its listener in. Want the best experience out of “Mad At You”? Close your eyes, place your mind inside the song, and allow Arvie Bennett Jr. to create the journey for you. You become emotionally connected with the lyrics with the passionate songwriting and attraction to the Southern vocal delivery.

“Mad At You” is a highly relatable song that people can click with. Arvie Bennett Jr sings about his stubborn attitude and how he doesn’t have the energy to attempt to work things out! Instead, he wants to allow himself to be upset, and let out emotions through peaceful self-reflection. I believe the message of the lyrics were beautifully arranged. Arvie Bennett Jr executed this track to its fullest extent, and we loved every bit of it!

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