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With "Trouble," In His Step, Nate Myles Offers A Steamy Soundscape

R&B/Pop artist Nate Myles, hails from the sun-drenched state of South Florida. Nate Myles’ unhinged and uninhibited relationship with creativity allows his music to know no boundaries.

With a creative nature and captivating voice that sees no ceiling, Nate Myles is sure to storm the music industry in a way that will be iconic.

In the most recent depths of his latest single, “Trouble,” Nate Myles uses a sultry soundscape to deeply connect with his audience as he pulls them into his endearing embrace. The up-tempo ambiance of the instrumentation plays upon the distortion leaked in a textured vocalization that gives Nate Myles’ sound an edgy resonance that is true to his boisterous persona.

Lingering in the smooth cascades that he offers up in the vocal delivery conveyed, Nate Myles uses his lyrical canvas to sweep listeners into themes of someone being so good for you, that it’s bad for you, and wanting to pursue them regardless of the signs in front of your eyes. The rhythmic drive of the weighty bassline has you fully entranced in the composition as it flows in a unified manner. Sending nostalgic vibrations through the speakers, the vintage synths play a huge role in shaping the ethereal universe that Nate Myles’ exercises.

As we soak in the enigmatic swagger that lusciously drips from the arrangement, we acknowledge and admire the production quality that focuses on the intricate details at hand.

Stepping out of his comfort zone to produce sultry energy fused single, Nate Myles shows us that his artistic versatility is peaking in the creative realm he strides upon.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Nate Myles! Congratulations on the release of your latest hit, “Trouble.” What themes and messaging inspired the lyrical content in this track?

I wanted the lyrics to paint the picture of being into someone that you might not usually go for. You know that this person is the opposite of everything you are used to but it's exciting, fresh, and a little risky. It feels like you are falling for the troublemaker type.

With this song being the polar opposite of your usual creations, how different was the creative process you approached when giving, “Trouble,” the sound that we know and love?

Well first off, Trouble was written years ago as opposed to my other singles that were written within months before releasing them. I knew this song was going to have a darker and more steamy sound than my other songs. I also knew this song needed to open up a story that I would be telling in my future music. So the lyrical content changed a lot and so did the melody. It's funny because I was going through old voice memos on my phone and found a recording of when I first started writing Trouble and it sounds completely different than what I released.

Can we expect a sound like this from you in future releases? Was this your way of widening your horizon of artistic versatility?

Yes, this darker sound will be a common theme moving forward. Trouble is definitely an example of how I am as an artist. I pride myself on versatility and this release allows people to see that I am not confined to one type of sound.

What inspirations did you take into the creation of this song? Were you influenced by musical and non-musical aspects that we can hear in the sound of, “Trouble?"

There were a few musical inspirations but I think the two that were the biggest for me were Troye Sivan's 'My My My' and Billie Eilish's' 'Bad Guy'. Then there is the inspiration of nightlife in a big city, specifically NYC. When I was writing this and even thinking of visuals, the image of a foggy night club with strobe lights or different color lights, pulsating, kept coming up. Then sometimes I felt like I was speeding through a city in a car, or running through the streets at 1 am on a Friday night doing something wild.

What can we expect to see next from you?

You can expect to get a taste of what I have to offer visually in the form of music videos and live performances. Of course, sometime in the future, there will be an album when the time is right, but until then, I won't be taking my foot off the gas with releasing music.

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