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Witness the Raw and Striking Emotion of endcredits' Latest Single, "monster"

From Pheonix, Arizona, the emo-rock ground endcredits releases their latest painfully emotional and hard-hitting single entitled "monster."

The sound endcredits offers is often described as "if Nirvana and Deftones had a baby, then Highly Suspect and Linkin Park had a baby, and those two babies made the ultimate emo grunge/rock baby." The band came to life in 2019 and has managed to pull on listener's heartstrings with their emotional lyrics and blistering soundscapes.

On track to releasing their debut EP in October, endcredits recently dropped the angst-ridden and striking single, "monster," alongside the stylings of rapper/vocalist Rio Wiley. The song truly offers an experience like no other, as each hazy and gritty instrumental complemented by the vocalist's screams and belts make for an intriguing, heart-wrenching, and memorable listening experience.

Expanding on the single, "monster," the track opens with a crunchy electric guitar that screeches with melancholy melodies alongside an equally crisp vocal that sets the song's emotional and angsty tone. As a delicate keyboard melody begins floating through our speakers, the drums make their way in and lead the way to the first verse. The lead vocalist instantly grabs the spotlight while taking us through the trials and tribulations of not being the man someone wanted.

This heartbreaking concept is perfectly enhanced by the vocalist's powerful emo screams that release equal amounts of anger as they do sadness. As Rio Wiley makes his way around the bridge, he brings another emotional element to the song while feeling lost in the inner turmoil of losing someone special.

Experience the raw emotion and power of endcredits' latest single, "monster," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic endcredits. We can't get enough of the passion and energy you've brought to your recent single, "monster." Where did the song's emotional lyrical concept from? What inspired this piece?

Thank you! monster is about a bad experience with a previous partner or even the culmination of a few bad partners and poor relationships.

Why did you want to feature the stylings of Rio Wiley on "monster?" What did he bring to the table that you felt the song needed?

Rio actually was in our band for a while. He played guitar for us. In a previous band, he used to scream, and I thought it would be awesome to have him try that on this. It fit perfectly, and it was cool to see him explore some places he hasn't for a while.

Could you introduce us to your group members and how you went about your creative process for the instrumentals in "monster?" What was it like behind the scenes?

My name is Shayne, I am the vocalist/guitarist for endcredits. Brandon plays drums and Seb plays bass. I typically create the skeleton of a song and present it to the guys, and then they add their touch. This one was almost entirely finished before presenting it to the rest of the band. I just felt very strongly about the subject and the music erupted out of my soul.

Should we expect to hear "monster" on your debut EP this October? Or are you traveling in a different direction with the project?

"monster" will definitely be on the EP! All the songs on the EP have a similar feel but are very different at the same time. I'm curious what will end up being everyone's favorite.

What's next for you?

We are just really looking forward to releasing our debut EP to the world. We hope to get back to playing shows soon and seeing everyone. We thrive when we are playing a lot of live shows. It's like therapy. We are excited to go back out playing some new tunes.


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