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"Witness" True Talent with D-Man's Recent Single

From Chi-Town to Cleveland, the talented emerging hip-hop artist and rapper D-Man gets up close and personal with his latest scorching release, "Witness."

Having spent the majority of his life in Chicago and Cleveland, D-Man always finds ways to let his midwest roots speak through his music. While serving a healthy amount of braggadocio through his lyricism, D-man also fuels his songs with an in-your-face style and themes of self-improvement.

Recently releasing his 4-track EP, 'More Cloth,' D-Man serves us all the power and wit to dive deeper into his lyrically conceptual craft. Highlighting his single and intro track, "Witness," off of the recent EP, D-Man sets a wildfire ablaze with each rhythmic and confident bar. While bopping alongside the punchy sonics, D-Man livens our days with the release of this hard-hitting single.

Jumping into the single, 'Witness," the track begins with a deftly produced beat, drenching our speakers in crisp midtempo drum breaks, melodic keys, and haunting vocal samples. Once D-Man takes the spotlight and starts spitting his witty and boastful bars, we can't help but feel similarities to that of Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y.

D-Man has done an impeccable job of keeping us locked into the song's overall groove and his engaging bars, as he paints all sorts of self-assured images while keeping us wanting more. We also adore the thumping sub-bass that punches our speakers' low-end with nothing but force and energy, similar to D-Man's memorable performance.

Discover D-Man's powerhouse single, "Witness," on all streaming platforms, and get to know the talented hip-hop lyricist with help from his fourth studio EP, 'More Cloth.'

We love the energy you delivered within your recent single, "Witness." Were you inspired by anything when writing your bars for this track?

I wrote this initially as an intro so I was in a mode of trying to capture the attention of whoever is listening immediately. I wanted it to come out of the gate swinging hard. Everything from my cadence and lyrics, to just how I used my voice was a reflection of how I wanted to hook listeners and get them excited to hear whatever song came next.

Did you work with any producers when creating the engaging sonics for "Witness"? Or did you create this beat yourself?

My producer OGBILL made the beat actually. He has made the majority of the beats that I have released music on. Also wanted to recognize my Engineer James Drew. Shout out to both of them. They’re both incredible at what they do and deserve a lot more recognition.

How does your single and intro track, "Witness," set the tone for your EP 'More Cloth'? Why did you choose this track to open the project?

I felt like Witness was a statement track to show the world who I am as an artist. I wanted people to really see the different forms of delivery I'm capable of and the fun I have when I'm in the studio. There's also a lot of braggadocious on this track, but I usually like for my actions to speak louder than the words.

Seeing as you've released this well-received EP and two albums, how are you evolving your sound and style to offer something fresh each time around?

I evolve through my life experiences. The things that I rap about are authentic to the core. I've done a lot of traveling just to expose myself to new people and places. Then use those experiences as well as what I go through daily and form my thoughts around my craft. As I continue to grow and do more, my music will continue to evolve.

What should your listeners constantly expect from you and your music? What sort of experience do you promise to provide?

Motivation, I want to give my listeners motivation to better their lives through my music. I want them to wake up playing my music because they need that extra push to get up and go get what they're chasing. If they’re having a tough time in life I want them to be able to turn my music on to get them through whatever they’re experiencing. I listen to guys like Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, Larry June, Nipsey Hussle and Rick Ross because that's what their music does for me. If my life experiences delivered over dope beats can help someone shape their future like those guys did for me, then I'm accomplishing my goals.



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