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Witty Beyond Belief, MaizyF Reigns Supreme in "BagBak"

Hard work and dedication may as well be MaizyF’s middle name. Not only is she a skilled emcee and producer, but she is also the mastermind behind the 6ix Female Cypher, which was established in 2005 and has since been aired on Rogers TV.

Laying modern Trap and Pop on top of a well-managed Hip-hop base, MaizyF creates layer upon layer of dynamic sounds when she steps into the studio and up to the mic.

In the ominous sounds of the heavy-weight single, “BagBak,” MaizyF can be heard flexing her lyrical dexterity in a sequence of unrivaled rhyme schemes. The power behind her tonal distinction comes straight from the heart as you hear the passion pouring into the work that she immaculately places in front of her audience.

MaizyF has an undeniable manner in which she transitions through slick cadences to deliver her prevailing tones. Being well-rounded as an emcee and producer, you can hear the intricate details that she ensures sets her music apart from the rest. Taking the upbeat vibrancy of “BagBak,” and accompanying it with a dark ether allows the connotation to sweep you into her spellbinding techniques.

If the hard-hitting bars weren’t enough, MaizyF provides her audience with eye-catching visuals that showcase quick cut scenes in black and white transitions to set the governing tones emitted in “BagBak.” MaizyF syndicates a harmonious concoction of old-school Hip-hop nostalgia with the innovative wave of buoyancy that we hear from today’s genre.

If you’re looking for a track that is both energetically stimulating and thought-provoking, look no further. MaizyF will happily rap laps around anyone in her way, and this stands especially true in “BagBak.”

We love the energy that you serve up in “BagBak.” Could you please take us into what inspired this song?

I have gone through many tribulations in my life thus, resilience is key to my survival. In a world where we have very little control over things, I find it extremely important to associate yourself with those who operate on a similar positive frequency. This song BagBak, is basically me warning those with ill will or bad intentions to stay away, Hence the name of the song “Bag Bak”, which is slang for get back or move back. Those who really listen to the track will appreciate the lyrics, wordplay, and theme of the song.

You’ve mentioned that you focus on melodies when it comes to producing, singing, and writing. However, with rapping, you focus on flow and wordplay. Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like specifically for the single “BagBak”?

For this track specifically, I paid close attention to the lyrics used and the metaphors made. The process of writing comes naturally. A combination of freestyle, and intentional writing. I like wordplay, and I like my lyrics to be multi-dimensional which allows listeners to interpret at free will.

The music video matches the tone of “BagBak,” extremely well! Was this always your vision when it came to the visuals? What was it like working with Aaron Alter in order to produce the vision?

I’m sort of “trippy” and I think that anyone who listens to or watches my videos can tell. Aaron Alter was able to interpret the track and my image and came up with an amazing vision. The black and white tone, the flashing lights, and the scene layout was all Aaron Alter. He really came legit with his gear and cameras and he directs his vision with precision. It was truly a great experience working with him and I look forward to possibly working with him again in the near future.

What is the main message that you hope your audience grasps from your artistry?

“Step into The Maze” Come in and see the multi-dimensional talent within. My artistry is unique, original, and actually good… I’d like my audience to appreciate my versatility as well as my layered creativity.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

I get inspired by many different things in life; both positive and negative. When music is a form of emotional release, I guess I am somewhat inspired by pain. Nonetheless, I am also inspired by love, my supporters, and ultimately the love for music.


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