Witty Tarbox’ Debut Album “Origins of Schmitty” Is Out Now!

Witty Tarbox is a 5-piece from Buffalo, NY. Best described as surf/jam/rock, these guys have been playing together for just under 3 years. Witty Tarbox is known for combining DIY theatrical stage props with storytelling through the use of characters, all glued together with infectious melodies, catchy lyrics, and groovy rhythms.

Featured on Witty Tarbox’ debut album “Origins of Schmitty” is the contagious new track “Goodbye Jackie”. This track has the perfect kind of energy to meet and match that sentiment suggested by the title. The music has an underlying smoothness by which everything comes through as connected and with warmth, yet there’s a definite high pace to it all that seems to rise and rise in intensity as the song progresses. The leading vocal bursts into life almost immediately and performs effortlessly from there on in. The melody throughout “Goodbye Jackie” sinks in the instant you hear it, the notes descending in short bursts yet the whole thing ascending as a unit towards this bright and bold climax. The drums have a manic sense of passion about them that carries the rhythm and overall vibe of the track with relevant excitement and urgency. The same goes for every bit of instrumentation involved and those collaborating voices that come into play in the final few moments. That leading voice has the nostalgic indie warmth of so many classics from way back when carrying the melody with ease. Well worth a listen or three.

Check out “Goodbye Jackie” here and read more with Witty Tarbox below!

Hey guys! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Congrats on your debut album “Origins of Schmitty”. What’s the overall concept of this project? 

“I’d love to pick a singular concept for the album, but it is about so much more. The album is a story about love, hate, heartbreak, and the dark places it can take you to. The character (Jack) comes to a self-realization that he is no longer able to love. His heart and his mind have been shattered. His journey forward is through the terrors and changes of his psyche. Through trial and error, Jack ventures off to find himself once again.” - Alex Khoury

What do you hope your fans take away from your music?

This album is unique in that no two songs really fit into the same genre but all are connected by a story and themes within the lyrics. We hope we can take the listeners on a sonic and emotional journey that is cohesive while also being disjointed and uncomfortable, much like life and art.

What does the track “Goodbye Jackie” represent for you? Can you dive into the lyrics and tell us the meaning behind it?

Goodbye Jackie is about the imprisonment of a fragile minded individual with suicidal tendencies and irrational undertones. The cherry blossom tree from his cell window symbolizes the beauty he can see, but can never attain.

Which track from “Origins of Schmitty” would you say in the most personal to you? Why?

“Fa Napoli”

It was one of the first songs we wrote together and it was the first song that the crowd sang with us.

What’s next for Witty Tarbox?

We are looking forward to hitting the road and promoting the album and excited to start writing the next one. Look for us next summer on the northeast and east coast festival circuit. And keep your eyes out for a new music video dropping soon as well as some other special things we have in the works!


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