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WOLVES Dive Into Emotional Deep House With “Last Call”

Los Angeles-based alternative-pop duo and producers WOLVES shower us in deep house vibes and endless passion in their latest single, "Last Call."

WOLVES is Marc Avery and Sean Carney, two incredible producers who joined forces to create punchy and expansive 808 drums alongside desolate guitar riffs and silky melodies.

Avery said the new single, "Last Call," was inspired by his love for Canadian electronic producer Kaytranada, who never fails to deliver the perfect groove. "Being from Chicago, I hold dance music and house music in high regard," so making a song with a house undertone was a must.

Although WOLVES are best known for their Boombastic beats and party vibes, the new single takes on a more emotional and introspective message that many can relate to. While a "Last Call" is usually a final call for alcohol, WOLVES says this song represents the "last chance at trying to feel better over an ex using whatever means necessary."

Jumping into the new tune, "Last Call," the song brightly opens with the smoothest vocal melodies that serenade us with a sort of Mac Miller-type flow; relaxed, playful, and passionate. As the sonics begins to expand, the many snares, shakers, and effects pump up the groove while the punchy kicks start stomping through our speakers.

The lead vocalists' sweet-sounding vocals continue searching for ways to mend the pain, looking for "Last Call" at clarity and peace of mind. We can totally hear that Kaytranada influence on this tune; it packs all the emotion, vibes, and groove that a stellar house song should. As they lift us to the outro, WOLVES encourages us to leave our woes behind and not let them put a damper on our evening.

Drift into the dreamy and stimulating house music vibes of WOLVES heartfelt new tune, "Last Call," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, WOLVES. We adore the breezy and dreamy house vibes of your latest single, "Last Call." Why did you want to switch things up and dabble in this popular electronic subgenre? Thanks so much! We both have very diverse musical tastes and wanted to create something that we would listen to or want to hear from other artists we like, such as Kaytranada or Disclosure. This song was also the first of many in which we started to write with more honesty, both lyrically and through our production. What experiences inspired the emotional and honest lyrical content within "Last Call?"

When we first began writing this song, I (Marc) was either having problems or broke up with the girl I was with. I was also bartending at the time. “Last Call” happens every night, and while it’s the last chance for a drink, it’s sometimes a last-ditch effort for people to try to take someone home. I combined all of these observations and feelings when I was writing this song.

What was your duo's experience in the studio creating "Last Call"? Was it refreshing to step outside of alternative pop and jump into something different?

We began the production process with a friend of ours that we have collaborated before; his name is Andrew Bland, aka Kasper. He lives in that space a bit more, and once he started the foundation, Marc quickly started with the first line of the song; after I (Sean) added additional production and guitars, it was an incredible vibe. The truth is we have some other music we’ve been secretly sitting on that is outside of the Alt. Pop realm, so stay tuned!

What do you hope listeners feel and experience when hearing "Last Call?" How do you want them to react to it? First, we hope they blast it for their neighbors and friends, and they have a block party! But once they really listen to the lyrics, hopefully, it strikes a chord and makes them reminisce about something in their past. If it’s dancing or skating at the roller rink or having a drink with friends over their ex, no matter what, we want them to feel something genuinely nostalgic.

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