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Wordsmith, T.N.L.C, Invites Us Along On A New Venture “Shoes of a Beginner, Mindset of a Winner.”

Conscious rapper T.N.L.C, a native of Tomball, Texas, utilizes his genuine mindset and elaborate wordcraft to establish himself as ‘The next world-changer.’

Dealing with life-changing hurdles from birth, he instills a message to his audience with every verse he speaks. While searching for nostalgic emotional vibes, T.N.L.C delivered his first mixtape ‘Unexpected Changes,’ catering to a sentimental appreciation and a desire to put a halt to negativity.

Inspired by the likes of Logic, Kendrick Lamar, and Mac Miller, the self-aware lyricist uses every capacity of his mind and soul to convey his thoughts to his listeners.

Now with a further polished artistic approach, the litterateur blesses the world with the release of his newest project entitled “Shoes of a Beginner, Mindset of a Winner.” With an array of smooth sonic vibes, powerful lyrics, and a slew of unchained emotions, T.N.L.C compels you to pay attention to and ponder every single word.

As we look to venture even deeper into T.N.L.C’s mind and his release of “Shoes of a Beginner, Mindset of a Winner,” we hope you’ll join us for the exclusive BuzzMusic interview to come later this month.


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