Work Towards Eternal "Bliss" with Zachary Booth

23-year old musician Zachary Booth is a Garden City Community College graduate as he took it upon himself to complete a music program reinforcing his talents as an artist. Born in Steven Points, Wisconsin, Zachary Booth resides in Denver, Colorado, where he has been releasing music since 2020.

Creating an ethereal atmosphere in a sea of plummeting emotion with the release of his most recent single, “Bliss,” Zachary Booth addresses his desire to escape his worries and distractions as he nimbly glides through a Pop/Electronic instrumentation. From his songwriting to vocal delivery, you can hear the passion overflow as the themes he adopts edge to the realm of vulnerability.

Pushing the envelope as he accosts the melodic structure in a manner that he has yet to explore, we hear a new side of Zachary Booth. The verses are chalked full of a narrative that showcases the emotion authentically felt by his spirit as he allows the chorus to take a limited approach to the vocals performed but rely heavily on the tantalizing hues of the beat and vocal effects to submerge us in his inner thoughts. Being his third studio release, this is his debut single in the genre of Pop. You would never think that this would be his first time delving into the genre as he exudes his talents so effortlessly.

“Bliss” sends a beam of hopefulness to us as we grasp onto the fact that Zachary Booth and others feeling like him are not alone in this world. Conveying eureka moments that have us sitting with our own earnest truth, the heartfelt sounds of Zachary Booth are some that we can get used to.

Congratulations on the release of “Bliss.” What prompted you to dive into such a vulnerable topic in this single? Was there a specific moment or story to shape the creation of “Bliss?"

Thank you! The reason I wanted to talk about the hard stuff in Bliss was that I wanted to be vulnerable about hardships. Social media can often make us forget that people struggle with things in real life. I wanted to explain the inescapable feeling of hard issues and the longing for a second of bliss. Everyone has ways to escape from their issues, so I think it's easy to relate. I wouldn't say there was a specific moment that shaped this song, rather all of the things I've faced over the years.

How did you find the creative process varies in “Bliss,” compared to your previous releases that touch on other genres? Do you have a preferred genre to create for?

I created Bliss a little bit differently than my other releases. I always find chords that I like and play them over and over while recording on my phone. However, I actually struggled at first to play Bliss' chords and sing along. So, I had to record the whole piano track before every writing session to sing along to it! Bliss definitely has more pop influences, with strong electronic drivers. However, I think I'm still fine-tuning what genre I'd like my music to live in. I love Rex Orange County, and I want to make music that is "alternative" like theirs!

With each artist varying in the way that they approach a message being sent, what is the main message that you would like to transmit to your audience through your talents?

I think each song is a different message, but I want to convey that nobody is alone. We are all going through things that can feel like the end of the world. Sometimes just knowing that other people are struggling with you can help. I always loved songs that were deeply relatable to me, and I hope to be that for my listeners.

Fairly new to the music industry, could you please touch on your experience as an artist this far into your career? What has been the proudest moment on your journey to date?

There are a couple of moments that stand out as the proudest moments of my music career. Being asked to perform at my hometown's Pride festival, Denver Westword, Voyage Denver, Buzz Music and others writing about "Bliss" has been a huge accomplishment as well. I also think about "Potential" hitting 10k streams on Spotify. I'm trying to take everything in as it happens. I don't want to feel like I rushed through these awesome moments.