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Worlds "Collide" In Bliss With Caitlin McGrath At The Helm

Caitlin McGrath fully embodies the soul of a true artist. Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts, music has always been in her blood. She began playing the piano and singing at a young age, unabashedly performing whenever she had a chance. It's in her blood; it's in her soul.

Through her personal development in the art world, Caitlin McGrath now oversees all aspects of her artistry, from writing her music to designing her costumes and even producing and editing her music videos. Well-traveled and versed in many cultures, Caitlin McGrath's authentic uniqueness draws people to her wherever she goes.

Infusing her latest single, "Collide," with glimmers of her soulful tenacity, Caitlin McGrath has her audience gravitating toward her with the buoyant energy she conveys. A graceful ease comes flowing from her velvety croons as they wrap you up in a genuine embrace. With an abundance of care flowing from the fountain of Caitlin McGrath's timbres, you can hear it in each melody.

Complementing her swooning aura, the instrumentation is fuelled with myriad sanguine funk and dynamic pop nuances - making this the perfect musical bed for Caitlin McGrath to reiterate lyrical motifs of positivity and hopefulness.

You can't help but feel your heart fill with earnest motives as "Collide" takes over your speakers. Caitlin McGrath tends to lace her records with the belief of always following your heart. Through the elevating and encouraging nature of a song like "Collide," Caitlin McGrath manages to fulfill her mission as the textures and reverberations fill your mind with a hearty dose of her talent.

Leaving you feeling lighter than three minutes prior to your pressing play, her charisma effortlessly pairs with the feel-good quintessence of her demeanor in a record of this caliber. Listen to "Collide" on all major streaming platforms today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Caitlin McGrath! We're thrilled to have you here discussing the release of your latest single, "Collide." With such a beautifully crafted record packed with intention, is there a moment or story that inspired the heartfelt lyrics in "Collide"?

I wrote this song about my own relationship, which is rooted in our spiritual connection. I believe that we shine brighter together. I believe this to be true for anyone that finds love with the right person. Your spirit and soul should ignite brighter than the sun. Love is a spiritual and energetic connection sent from God. It goes beyond what words can describe but I tried my best to express it in my lyrics and visually in my music video.

There's so much brilliant detail in this record's overall mix and production. Could you please highlight the team that helped you put it together? What role did each person play in bringing this song to fruition?

This song was originally written by myself and Reggie Pierre, with me playing the keyboard and him playing the beat on a table. We started producing the music around it during the Covid lockdown. Once we built the structure and had the right energy, we started adding in our live musicians. We had Martin Fredrikkson play live bass at his home, Greg Barnum record live drums, and we recorded Teddy Studstill's electric guitar outside in our backyard. We worked on the arrangement of the song with Joel Levy at Criteria Recording Studios in Miami and had Grammy-winning, Javier Valverde as our mix engineer. Joel pushed us creatively with the song arrangement. Just when we thought it was done, he had more homework for us. Javier did such a great job on the mix and added the magical final touches. It was mastered by Mike Fuller at Fullersound in Miami. Everyone played such a critical role in this creation. It was an extremely talented group of people, and an honor and privilege to work with them all.

With an extensive list of musical inspirations like Marvin Gaye, Teena Marie, Erykah Badu, Bob Marley, Elvis, Biggie Smalls, and Michael Jackson, how have you been able to take their influence into the music you craft today?

There are so many details that go into their music; from the vocal delivery, energy, beds of background vocals, positive messages, stage presence, and costumes. This can only come from true passion, love, and attention to detail. They created timeless music for all ages and audiences. I wouldn't say that I sound like any of them or copy any of their styles. I just have a respect for their artistry, their classiness and the fact that they weren't afraid to be different. They set a high bar, and I strive to create in that same way. I put love into every detail: the music, my costumes, and even when I edit my music videos. I'm continuing to grow as an artist and producer and am enjoying the process.

What message would you like your audience to take away from the sounds of "Collide"?

I wanted the song to be something you could dance to, a feel-good song to forget about the stresses of life and enjoy positive vibes. I think I needed that for myself as well. This song was fully live, and I feel like it's a strong representation of me and my sound.

What can we expect from you next?

New music is already in the works. Follow me and Subscribe to my Youtube to stay updated on my releases.


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