Wraith Relates to Fans With Unique R&B Release “LET GO"

Born and raised in Tyler, Texas, Willie Clark is an up and coming artist who creates his music under the stage name Wraith. He has had a lifelong passion for music that he recently turned into a career, making hip hop and R&B songs including his newest release “LET GO.” Wraith hooks his listeners in the first few seconds of “LET GO” with never before heard sounds. It starts off with a reggae-style beat before the addition of a bass guitar melody and countermelodies from soft flute-sounding instruments. Wraith joins in with tuned vocals for the chorus, giving the intro to “LET GO” a combination of various music styles that somehow mesh effortlessly. He begins to rap with his natural voice; starting off with a chill rap then speeding up his verses to show off his natural abilities. The fact that “LET GO” contains an auto-tuned chorus allows listeners to appreciate his actual smooth voice during his verses. A trap beat is maintained throughout the track, along with the flute countermelodies for extra personality.

Wraith has an ideal soulful voice for the R&B genre, yet he hooks his fans by including unique sounds in his music. It is clear that he is a true musician when he emphasizes the instrumental sounds in “LET GO.” Wraith easily switches between R&B and hip hop, and also adds reggae vibes. Lyrically, “LET GO” is relatable for listeners as he sings about the pain of letting go of a love interest. For any R&B lovers who are just yearning for something new, Wraith is an artist to watch for.

Listen to "LET GO", here.

Hey Wraith! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We can tell that you have a natural talent for rapping in your new release “LET GO.” Do you write your own music? If so, can you tell us about your creative process for “LET GO?”

Yes, I write my own music. My creative process for Let Go was sitting back and thinking about past occurrences and putting my feelings into a song.

Your name is Willie Clark but you chose to create music under the name Wraith. Can you tell us how you came up with this name and what it means to you?

My friend actually chose the name. I agreed with it since the “WR” are the initials of my first and middle name. The meaning of wraith is a ghost or ghostlike image of someone so I chose it because I make my moves in silence, like a ghost.

The message in “LET GO” seems to be relatable for most of your fans. Can you elaborate on the message you were trying to express, and why you chose to write a song about it?

The message I was expressing is that we’ve all been in the position of having a hard time letting someone go and I knew a lot of people would relate to my situation and understand the feelings involved in this track.

One of the key aspects of your song was the unique background music. How did you come up with such a variety of sounds? Are all of your songs like this, or do you try to create something new every time?

It’s the vibe that I liked about the beat. It caught my attention and I immediately knew what needed to be put over this beat.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I will try to create different vibes and be versatile with the songs I release. You can expect to see more relatable hits for my fans and just real music.