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WULFIE and LOVETA Remind Us What True Love Sounds Like

Hailing from New Zealand, musician and producer WULFIE teams up with fellow Kiwi and talented songstress LOVETA for their dreamy modern-day ballad entitled "Love Won't Run Away."

WULFIE is known to make the audience's heartache and crave something deeper; his works perfectly reflect his journey of self-discovery. On the other hand, songstress LOVETA uses her dreamy vocals and electronic influences to create music that reflects both the past, present, and future.

Now releasing their harmonious and chilling ballad, "Love Won't Run Away," WULFIE and LOVETA mentioned that the song is dedicated to the one that didn't get away and who is safe in the arms of their deserved lover. While melting our speakers with their sonically delicious synths and heavy basslines, WULFIE and LOVETA truly make the listening experience worthwhile.

Jumping into the single, "Love Won't Run Away," we're met with a chilling array of synths that haunt the background in emotion and passion while a pulsating bass-like synth stimulates the ears and grabs our undivided attention. As LOVETA's warm and soulful pop vocals begin to pour through our speakers, WULFIE takes the song by storm with his transcendent and blissful production to sonically depict the passion that two lovers can hold.

We adore the heartfelt approach of this dreamy and uplifting modern-day ballad, especially as WULFIE maintains the sonic passion alongside LOVETA's striking and devoted vocal portrayal. We can honestly say that this collaboration between WULFIE and LOVETA is food for the soul, and we couldn't be any more pleased with the vocal and sonic mastery they passionately deliver.

Don't miss out on the otherworldly listening experience of WULFIE and LOVETA's recent single, "Love Won't Run Away," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, WULFIE. We're totally enamored with the passion and desire you've delivered in your recent single, "Love Won't Run Away." When did you begin feeling inspired to create this romantic single?

I actually started writing this way back in 2017! After spending most of my time writing songs about vampires, werewolves, and zombies in my rock band I wanted to get a little more personal and real on this song haha. Fast forward to 2021 and the song finally found its final form with Loveta. To me, it was a song inspired by a daydream of meeting “the one” and how that relationship might make me feel.

What was your collaboration like with fellow Kiwi songstress LOVETA for "Love Won't Run Away?" Is this your first time working together?

It was our first time working together on a track and it couldn’t have gone smoother. She was really easy to work with and really understood my vision for the song. We were able to create something that felt like both our personalities could come through and I’m so stoked with how it turned out.

Did LOVETA write all the lyrics for your single, "Love Won't Run Away?" Or did you work on the songwriting process as a duo?

So I actually wrote all the lyrics and music prior to meeting Loveta. She was then able to take those ideas and bring them to life with her voice which is just as important in my opinion. She helped tweak the melodies in areas that needed work and were able to channel how the emotions in her voice would fit the style. I ended up rewriting the bridge with her as my original version didn’t sit right and the chorus ended with layers and layers of backing vocals which lift it sky high! So even though I wrote the bulk of it beforehand it was the collaboration between us that formed the final version you hear today.

Was it easy for you to take your passionate emotions and reflect them in your dense and engaging sonics for "Love Won't Run Away?" What was your creative process like?

I think it’s always a challenge and a worry for me that my instrumentation won’t convey the emotions I want to tell in the story. For this song though, waiting a few years for the right singer to come along and process what I want it to say really helped. I usually write a song on guitar and record some vocal notes so that it’s out of my head. Then I sit there in Ableton and think about the sonic vision for it. Once I made the big soaring, side-chained synths the rest came pretty quickly. They were exactly what I wanted to portray the feeling of overwhelming emotion towards someone. To me, all the sounds needed to feel like they were overflowing into the listener's ear as if you couldn’t contain the love you had for someone and needed to scream it from the rooftops haha. When it came to the vocals, we recorded the main melody then played it back with everything and sorted out what could be done in extra vocal layers and what should be a synth or bass sound to fill in that space.

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