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Wyld Ruse Sonically Injects Us With a, "Lethal Dose"

The Los Angeles-based electro-pop trio Wyld Ruse brings us the heat with their latest electrifying and stimulating single entitled "Lethal Dose."

Comprised of the stylings between Alon Eida, Branden Tighe, and Iain Findlay, the trio managed to work with acts like Kid Cudi, Dr. Dre, Xzibit, and other Grammy Award-winning producers/songwriters. Poised and ready to take on another 20 years in the industry, Wyld Ruse is excited to introduce their latest single.

Their latest single, "Lethal Dose," brings listeners into a futuristic electro sound merged with the old-school nostalgia of classic rock influences. While the track blurs the lines between rock and electronic, we can also feel a whirlwind of powerful emotion pour through the voice of lead vocalist Alon Eida.

Leaping headfirst into the single, "Lethal Dose," Wyld Ruse introduces us to their powerhouse sound through a haunting organ-like pad that floats and drifts in from the background. As the heavy and blistering beat drops, Wyld Ruse hits our speakers with a groaning bass-like synth that vibrates our speakers and leaves us in a trance.

We can't help but get down and dirty with the overall production in this tune, as Iain Findlay's bass and guitars bring us into a nostalgic and heavy atmosphere while blending it with Brendan Tighe's tight and bouncy house production. As the song grooves through our hearts alongside Alon Eida's dynamic vocal stylings, the track comes to a hearty and heated ending while leaving us with a desire to hit up our nightclubs to experience heavy electronic bangers like this.

Don't miss out on the stimulating experience of Wyld Ruse's latest single, "Lethal Dose," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We're truly getting down with the heavy grooves of your recent single, "Lethal Dose." How did the creation of this single come about?

So, this was the first song we made after completing our last debut project Pryzm. That EP was us searching for our sound. We were still trying to find ourselves somewhere in between house, pop, and rock, and we really feel we hit the nail on the head with this song.

What was your band's creative process like behind the scenes of "Lethal Dose?" How did you split the work amongst the three of you?

Our music goes through a ton of changes throughout our process. All of us have been making music professionally for 10+ years each and cut our teeth at major studios as engineers and producers. That being said, we have our own prime studio that we are able to work out of privately. Lethal Dose, like most of our songs, started with Branden creating the basic bass line and drum groove. Once the basis of the track was set, Alon laid down his first vocal ideas. After the first vocal idea, we collectively built off of that to the next part of the song. Then it was like a mudslide. We went back and forth between vocals and production until the song feels finished and cohesive throughout. Even the little things are important, like Iain going back in to add live hi-hats even though this song had programmed drums, which really funked up the groove! Mixing is normally split between Alon and Iain, and mastering the track always goes through Mike Bozzi at the incomparable Bernie Grundmand Mastering studio

What sort of vibe or atmosphere were you aiming to create with the overall track "Lethal Dose?" What did you want your audience to feel?

Someone once said to me that they love to listen to music that they could walk away from an exploding building in slow motion. That was it. That’s what I feel when I listen to the song, and I want that same excitement and entitlement when our audience hears it. It’s simple, and it’s made to just ride. Alon’s guitar solo in the middle was never meant to be shredding or particularly complicated like the one on “Recall”. It was meant to feel like a mess, and a slight homage to the great jimmy page, who he feels is one of the coolest guitarists ever.

You've mentioned that you are excited to build on your momentum throughout 2021. How will you be doing so? Do you have any forthcoming projects on the rise?

Extremely excited. We have releases coming every 6 weeks on the dot throughout the end of the year. The project itself is called “Sphere” which will be released in full on Dec. 10th. It will hold all the singles dropped this year plus three bonus tracks. The titular song Sphere is set to be released on June 25th, and it is a completely different vibe from Lethal Dose.

What would you like new listeners to know about your music?

If you’re only into 2-minute songs, we might not be the best fit for you. All our songs run through changes, and focus on production along with vocals, as opposed to the norm today of being totally vocal-driven. We feel Alon is great at sprinkling vocals throughout the records as an instrument instead of the spotlight. We have major influences from Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, Justice, and classic to 90’s rock, so if there’s one thing that’s for sure about our music, no two songs are the same. We want our audience to be on their toes for what is to come next.



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