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Xavier Bernazard Reflects on the Past and Future in, "Sea Song (I'm Not Okay)"

Hailing from Caguas, Puerto Rico, the independent pop artist and singer-songwriter Xavier Bernazard releases an emotional and empowering single entitled "Sea Song (I'm Not Okay)."

Growing up surrounded by the sounds of Afro-Caribbean music, Xavier Bernazard was also enamored with the US's musical trends and acts like My Chemical Romance, Paramore, The All American Rejects, and Evanescence. One should always expect a personal and heartfelt venture when listening to the non-binary artist's music, as they describe it as "emotional & raw exploring themes of reflection, heartbreak, battles with depression, and general angst."

Recently releasing their empowering and reflective single, "Sea Song (I'm Not Okay)," listeners can get a better understanding of the emotional prowess and intelligence that Xavier Bernazard holds and cherishes. While hoping for a brighter day to come around, Xavier Bernazard takes a good look at the past with fresh momentum to start anew.

Listening to "Sea Song (I'm Not Okay)," the song opens with samples of the sea crashing on the shore alongside a bright keyboard melody and a warm acoustic guitar. As Xavier Bernazard makes their tender and soft vocal appearance, they begin to expand on not feeling entirely secure and okay with their stance in life.

As they continue serenading us with incredible emotion and passion, the background instrumentals begin to expand and develop into this mighty and powerful punk-inspired soundscape that leaves us inspired to start a new chapter. As Xavier Bernazard closes the song, they leave us with nothing but motivation and inspiration to look back at the past with pride while moving towards our vast and unavoidable future.

Allow Xavier Bernazard to remind you that brighter days are ahead with their latest single, "Sea Song (I'm Not Okay)," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, Xaiver Bernazard. We adore the dynamic and emotional venture you've taken us on with your latest single, "Sea Song (I'm Not Okay)." What moment or experience inspired you to create this reflective piece?

I had initially written the piano motif you heard in the intro when I was 16 but couldn’t figure out any lyrics to go along with it. Fast forward to a 3 AM night in college where I was missing home and contemplating life. I knew I wasn’t doing okay, and this song was my first step towards healing.

What was your songwriting process like for "Sea Song (I'm Not Okay)?" Was it easy for you to transmute your thoughts and emotions into words?

It was very fluid, and the melody came along at the same time as the lyrics. I was crying, though, when I said I wouldn’t cry tonight. It was like a big confession for me, words that have been in my head a long time but just poured out in this song.

Why did you want to give the outro this powerful and punk-inspired instrumental edge for "Sea Song (I'm Not Okay)?"

I’ve always loved pop-punk and rock music and wanted to add my little flair to it for this song. Some of my favorite emotionally charged songs are by artists like My Chemical Romance, Paramore, and Evanescence. I felt this song needed that extra boost.

How do songs like "Sea Song (I'm Not Okay)" represent you and what you stand for as an artist? How can listeners get to know you more personally through songs like this?

I always strive to be honest in my writing and my stories. All of the songs I’ve written have been therapeutic for me and have helped me a lot. I hope that these songs help and inspire others to do the same. Be honest, be brave, and be true to yourself always.

What's next for you?

I’m getting to release my first EP! It’s called 'Anastasis' and will be out on October 1st. I’m super excited for it, and it definitely will be an emotional rollercoaster.


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