Xella Provides a Sweet and Mellow Bop With Their Latest Single, "Sugar"

Alternative R&B band, Xella, hails from Los Angeles, CA. Comprised of band members Michelle Villegas (lead vocals), Wynette Manacsa (guitar/backup vocals), Tiffany Perez (drums), and Andru Bautista (guitar), they started out as longtime jam buddies, and Xella was finally formed in the summer of 2019.

Influenced by their mutual love for music ranging from Pop and Rock to Hip-hop and Soul, they have infused their laid-back vibe in their soulful melodies with lyrics that reflect their own life lessons and experiences. Known for their band mantra ‘music for your mind, body, and soul,’ the music of Xella will truly speak for itself.

Xella’s third and latest single titled, “Sugar,” plays upon a dark atmospheric offering of melodic luxury. There’s a comforting ease that is launched throughout this track as we hone in on the sultry and smooth styling of the lead vocals.

Taking sips of glimmer as they plunge into the mellow presence of “Sugar,” you’re intertwined within the powerful universe they explore as they embrace the emotion and thoughts that run through them. We admire the way that each instrument has its solidified place in the mix, where we can fixate on the brilliance it brings to the dynamism of this composition. Altogether as the cascading allure trickles through the speakers, we’re fascinated by words of adoration such as, ‘You don't need no sugar when I'll be sweet to you. I'll be so sweet to you,’ are gently carried by the instrumentation's yearning waves.

The entire group contributions of Xella bring each member to the spotlight where we feats upon the talents they provide the rhythmic essence of “Sugar.” With a narrative that’s so sweet in its nature, we can’t help but be drawn towards their inimitable charisma and the way that Xella can arrange a song.

Hello Xella and welcome to BuzzMusic. The waves that flow through “Sugar,” are truly remarkable! Was there a particular moment or story that inspired the creation of this song? Thank you!! As a band, we were definitely going through our own ups and downs riding the pandemic wave as everyone...Also one of our members had parted ways with us as well so that was bittersweet. Sugar was in a way our stamp, or you can say even our lifeboat to our return and acceptance of the new reality while at the same time having nostalgia for the way it was. We definitely see that mood come across in the song. Carrying such an easygoing, yet prevailing stance throughout this track is no easy feat. Job extremely well done! Was approaching “Sugar,” with these intentions something that you tend to find yourselves doing, or was it a unique process to you all? It was unique compared to our last two singles. We didn't want to over vocalize it or overdo it with all the bells and whistles this time. We wanted to show our restraint. To be honest, this song took longer than our last two singles, but we definitely spent more time creating the atmosphere for the tender lyrics to get you in your feels. It was a challenge, but with Taydex and KillahCortez's help on producing it was a fun one to figure out. What does “Sugar” mean to Xella as a band? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the release? After not having released a single since before the pandemic it did mean a lot to us to show people our new chapter. To show them that we weren't going to let anything stop us but of course we were still affected. We think it definitely shows the audience our range, our influences, what we've been going through, and how we translated that together. Lyrically too of course..we always hope whoever can relate will know they're not alone, and that you always have a safe space in this song. Were there any memorable moments from this release that shaped the entire process for you? We were so relieved when Sugar was released. It was a struggle having so many delays wanting to get it done, but just like the song, it taught us restraint. It reminded us not to rush the process and that it's all about the process so let's take our time... Of course after hearing it many times you start to forget how great it sounded when it was first made too. So when we hear people enjoying Sugar for the first time giving us such great feedback, it's such a big reminder of all our hard work and how it was worth it... especially for our listeners. What's your favorite release of the year, from an independent artist you admire?

We have to represent our very own co-producer of our last three singles, Taydex who just released a producer album called Dexter's Lab this May. It's a project with a bunch of artists and the range is incredible for any kind of listener! It's also perfect for the summer!