Xodu$ Returns With the Anticipated Music Video for his Latest Hooking Track, "Crazy Times"

Xodu$ has an aesthetic concept that traverses the distinguishing lines between your average artist and a Hip-Hop thespian. His witticisms and swaggering flow supercharge the Urban style he operates under with a magnetic influence and a captivating draw. With his freakishly addictive cantor and his laid-back, relaxed vibe, he effortlessly concocts an experience for his listeners that doesn't go unforgotten. Besides producing music, his creative intuitions manifest in the laid-back but fervently profound vibes he fulfills through his exceptional Music Video productions, both sonically and visually. This year, his artistic creations have been successful in transporting us to his scenic locations through his enamoring Emcee work, and the comforting presence he displays in front of the camera for "Crazy Times."

With the already successful launch of his previous well-accepted music video, "Airplane Mode," the savant lyrical prophet performing under the Nom de Plume Xodu$ comes in gliding over his distinguished and hooking single with a new video supported head-turner for "Crazy Times." It's a picturesque experience that takes us on a journey amidst scenic routes through the rocky deserts of (what looks like) Southern California. At the same time, the relentlessly hip producer himself expectorates his effortless Hip-hop verbiage amid glossy river beds, striking ridgelines, and an open blue, cloudless sky.

The song itself is settled in over a grooving Hip-hop beat that is minimalistic enough to present like something evocative of the Golden Age of the '90s but with a bolstered contemporary low-end oomph and an elusive selection of string-like samples. It's a cut from Xodu$ intrinsic musical catalog that produces a nostalgic moment of introspection, as we ponder over the halcyon moments we're missing from before the quarantine of this year. There's no surprise that this elegist disguised as a Rapper has the tools to produce heavy sentiments through his words. With the sonic and visuals found on "Crazy Times," we're left kicking-back, musing over his destiny with a new infatuated mindset.