.XOM Unleashes Their Inner Chaos In A New Single, "3AM in the PM"

Hailing from Palmdale, California, the versatile and dynamic emo rock band .XOM releases a poignant and punchy single entitled "3AM in the PM."

.XOM's sound is a hard-hitting blend of modern-day emo, alt-rock, with hints of lo-fi synths to bring the mix together seamlessly. .XOM is comprised of Ivan Olivia, Dakota Metzger, Gabriel Olea-Macias, and Anthony Scaglione. The band's irresistible sound has landed on stages alongside acts like The Groans, Sad Park, Archer Oh, and Banned From Japan.

Hitting us in the gut with a deeply relatable message is .XOM's latest single, "3AM in the PM," crashed our speakers like a freight train of emotion. We appreciate the band's ability to defy genre norms and create a sound that's genuine, unique, and genuinely moving. We're excited to introduce our readers to this up-and-coming band, and we encourage them to keep an eye out for the group's next moves.

Listening to "3AM in the PM," the track kicks off with a riveting and powerful instrumental breakdown that leaves us focussing on .XOM's electrifying guitar riffs and melancholy synth arrangements. As lead vocalist Ivan makes his way in, he begins to expand on the certain thoughts that exhaust him and keep him from living a carefree and content life.

We love the emotion and power within his vocals, as they're perfectly baked up by .XOM's dynamic and well-rounded instrumentals, especially with their crunchy guitar riffs, heavy bass licks, piercing drum breaks, and haunting synth melodies. As they lead us to the outro, .XOM leaves us with a need to escape the chaotic world around us.

Experience the cathartic performance by .XOM in their latest emotional and heavy single, "3AM in the PM," now available on all digital strea