Yaj Shares The Love With His New Single

Releasing his first studio album 'Susan', singer/songwriter Yaj is rearing to make it big time. Hailing from Prince George County, MD, this American definitely has got the style and cool factor. Dabbling in everything from Lo-fi Hip-Hop to Alternative R&B, we’re pumped to listen to Yaj’s entire debut album, but for now, we’ll be focusing on the simple, yet sweet track 'Big Love' - one that we think is a contender to be that breakout hit. 'Big Love' is a chill R&B bop that will have you dreaming about those times you spent in love and nothing else mattered. The mellow bass, crisp beat, and heartfelt guitar set the stage for Yaj’s soft voice that has the slightest amount of rasp. He’s definitely got the chops to hit those higher notes too and he delivers them in a way that is sultry and full of emotion. It fits so well with the tone of 'Big Love', a song about being deep in love with someone. It also gave us those dreamy, floaty vibes like when you listen to Sunflower by Post-Malone and Swae Lee and we’re totally on board with it! These kind of hypnotic melodies are just so infectious, so beware, once you give it a listen, you might not be able to stop hitting replay!

Check out 'Big Love' here.

Welcome, Yaj! 'Big Love' is a solid track to chill out to. Can you tell us about what inspired you write this track?

Well, it's kinda funny, the lyrics stemmed from an out of body experience actually, haha. After hearing the beat it just kinda took me back to that space. That kinda trippy feeling, floating... you know. And then the idea of sharing that feeling with that person you're into, that you have a love for, and you want to share that feeling with them.

Did you expect 'Big Love' to garner some of the most attention once you completed Susan?

Sure, I mean I hope so, I think the song is groovy. So far, it's been a song people have gravitated to. I hope to shoot visuals for it in the near future, which will give some more draw to this song and album.

Are there any other sounds or genres that you’d see yourself diving into someday?

Absolutely, I'm constantly experimenting with new sounds & genres. It's almost impossible for me to stay married to a consistent sound, that's the beauty in music to me, It's endless, you can create whatever feels right and sounds good to you.

What has been the biggest hurdle in releasing your first album?

Shoot, affording it honestly. This was my first studio album, recording and mixing at the studio. So, I had to comfortable experimenting there while still being efficient with the time I had there.

We’re so excited for you and the journey ahead. Now that you’ve released your first album, what can fans expect next?

More music definitely! I hope to release some new songs soon and a new project early next year.