Yarin Glam Is "Unbothered" With a Release Fresh off Her New Album

Born and raised in a small town in Israel called Arad, Yarin Glam moved to LA at the age of 14. Yarin Glam’s Middle Eastern background shines through her music as she brings her most authentic self into each project. Her songwriting is inspired by Pop and R&B artists ranging from Rihanna to Lana Del Rey to Justin Beiber.

Yarin Glam’s core focus with her music is to share her journey of freeing herself of doubt and celebrating her diversity.

Fresh off the release of her highly anticipated single, “Unbothered,” Yarin Glam takes the artistic opportunity to douse her listeners in a pool of empowerment. Being the follow-up track to her previous releases, ‘Realness’ and ‘Shut Up,’ Yarin Glam has seen a spike in her streams as her rapidly growing fan base flocks to her overflowing charisma.

With the melodic instrumentation taking notes from her Middle Eastern background, the intoxicating creation sits in the realm of the subject matter that she discusses. With her buttery vocals shining a bright light on themes of being your authentic self, despite what society tells you, we are fully immersed in the unapologetic confidence that Yarin Glam exudes as she reiterates, “Imma keep doin’ me.” How the production taps into numerous elements of creativity are brilliant. We’re fixated on the fusion of distorted textures that accompany the soothing hues radiating in the vocal performance before us.

As we reach the end of the song, Yarin Glam can be heard speaking words of Hebrew as she chants, “Ki Ani Affa Al Azmi.” Translated to English, the intricately placed lyrics mean, “because I’m feeling myself.” With the lyrical motif of the track, we’re all for the boisterous self-assured vibrations that Yarin Glam fluently sends to her listeners far and wide.