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YASH & Dragonette Bring Immaculate Summer Vibes in “Unicorn”

From Israel to Toronto, Platinum-certified producer, and songwriter YASH teams up with Canadian electro-pop artist Dragonette for their new vibe-heavy single, "Unicorn."

YASH has an impressive number of accolades under his belt. He's been nominated for a Juno for Shaun Frank and Ashe's single, "Let You Get Away," not to mention being platinum certified with over 500k EP sales. Perhaps what's most impressive is his list of collaborations, including heavy-hitters like Tiesto, Steve Aoki, and Red Velvet.

Here's a name you might not have heard in a while. For YASH's latest single, "Unicorn," he teams up with the one and only Dragonette, who's set our speakers on fire for the last decade. Together, they create a fun, light-hearted track that's arrived just in time to bump all summer long.

Hitting play on the new summer anthem, "Unicorn," we're met with gentle keyboard melodies that float into the verse alongside airy drums and Dragonette's classic, femme, and bright vocals. As she continues riding the beat with confidence and charisma, YASH ups the vibe to shower us with beaming melodies, squeaky synths, unique arrangements, and a killer bassline.

This song is so easy-going, and believe us when we say it's perfect for your summer playlist. Both YASH and Dragonette bring us into an uplifting, passionate atmosphere that discusses being floored by someone's authentic, charming presence. As they maintain the same lush, groovy, and relaxed vibe, both artists leave us ready to hit the beach with a drink in hand and speakers on deck.

Ramp up your summer vibes with YASH and Dragonette's earworm of a single, "Unicorn," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, YASH. We’re so impressed with the relaxed, groovy, and

summery vibe of your new single with Dragonette, “Unicorn”. What inspired you to

create such a fun song like this?

Thanks, that’s great to be here! Creating this song was a lot of fun. It has such an infectious bass line and vibe, both chill and urgent, which I love. I think Dragonette and myself were in a very quirky mood that day, and sometimes you just don’t want to deal with any heavy subject matter. The minute we came up with this baseline and beat we knew it was going to be a fun one. And the music basically dictated all the melodies and lyrics. It was very easy to write and those are always the best songs!

What was it like working with Canadian electro-pop veteran Dragonette for “Unicorn?” How did that collaboration come about?

First and foremost, I love co-writers and collaborators. Dragonette is an amazing vocalist and so fun to write with. We wrote this song together with Jenson Vaughn in a session, and we both fell in love with it. We were supposed to pitch it to some Netflix show, and I was kind of hoping it won’t happen. Luckily in the end we got to release it!

What was your goal with “Unicorn?” What did you want listeners to experience and feel when hearing the new track?

Unicorn is about love and finding a good connection with someone. We wanted to convey the feeling of meeting someone you just ‘click’ with. The song talks about how other people can have all the ‘correct’ attributes and check off the boxes, but that there is a vibe and feeling you get with that special someone, that can’t be replaced with looks or money or anything. It’s the feeling of finding your soulmate.

On a more personal note, how would you describe your music to new listeners? Do you

feel most comfortable creating music under a certain genre or subgenre?

Because my background is classical and jazz and I play piano, all of my music always has a lot of melodic elements in it. But I would categorize my music as being in the electronic genre. I love dance music in all its formats, especially house and tech-house. My goal is to try to infuse melodies, vocals, and lyrics into all of my songs and pair them with infectious beats that people can dance to.


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