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Yassie Says if You Really Love Someone, You’ll “Prove It”

Serenading the mind, body, and soul is emerging r&b recording artist, singer-songwriter, actress, and model Yassie with her latest anthem for love, "Prove It."

All of Yassie's songs are inspired by her late mother, who passed when the artist was a mere 13 years old. She strives to create music that would make her mother proud. We're positive she's smiling down from the heavens watching her little girl reach new heights with honest, personal, and groovy r&b hits that always top the last.

Now, Yassie serves up a hot plate of love and devotion in her newest single, "Prove It." The song speaks to the power of love when your partner proves that it's real. It's an incredibly heartfelt and passionate piece that helps listeners realize how strong and powerful true love should be.

Jumping into "Prove It," the tune opens with groovy and spacious synths alongside smooth shakers that set the passionate r&b vibe. As Yassie's stunning and melodic vocals pour through our speakers, she channels all the love she can find to make known that someone is running through her mind. We love the tasteful autotune on Yassie's vocals; it perfectly enhances that warm and modern r&b tone.

This song is truly a treat for the ears. Yassie perfectly portrays her profound passion for someone special while asking them to prove the same. The sonics are another delightful aspect that keeps our toes tapping to the smooth, sultry, and downtempo r&b beat. As we head to the outro, Yassie closes the song on this confident and alluring note that's impossible to ignore.

Make some needed realizations with Yassie's honest and passionate single, "Prove It," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Yassie. We're so impressed with the passion and sensuality you've brought to your single, "Prove It." What inspired you to write about wanting someone to prove their love for you?

It's such an important topic I feel and definitely needed to be talked about. You see, oftentimes people will get " comfortable " in a relationship and stop doing all the things they did to "earn" you to "keep" you. For example, if you started a relationship off with spontaneous flowers or date nights then you should continue those things throughout the relationship. So the entire message is really " if you want me you have to PROVE IT. "

How did you go about your songwriting process for "Prove It?" Was it easy for you to lay it all on the line and be so honest?

I always listen to a track multiple times before I begin writing, with " Prove it " the lyrics came to me instantly, I had the hook down in 5 mins. It's such a relatable topic, I was able to pull from experience which only made things smoother.

Did you have any artistic influences in mind when creating "Prove It"? Did you want the song to bring similarities to other popular songs and artists?

Yes, I love my influences, Aaliyah, TLC, and Ashanti ( just to name a few ). "Prove it" definitely gives me "Foolish" vibes like Ashanti, or "Are you that Somebody" like Aaliyah, and even vibes like "Scrubs" by TLC. My music influence is very heavily 90s r&b and 80s, with that being said I strive to make my music timeless, relatable, and vibey.

Did any producers or musicians help create the smooth and groovy production for "Prove It?" What sort of vibe did you want the production to give off?

Yes, the producer behind this record is Odd Thomas, a really good friend of mine, more like a brother to me. He created this beat and tailored it to my sound and I fell in love instantly when I heard it. Definitely huge thanks to him for this collaboration.

What's next for you?

Lots of performances, more music videos, and new singles all summer. I have been nominated for a few awards, there is a movie I will be starring in and we will begin filming in early June. All I can say is lots to come, more billboards with my projects on them on the way, etc. I am not slowing down so stay tuned and locked in with your girl!


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