YB Vawni Shows You His "Paranoid" Side

When you think of the eccentric melodies, you'll quickly realize that you're speaking of YB Vawni. The Toronto artist is a product of Kingston, Jamaica, but his love for rap, trap, and hip-hop went further than his space.

Beyond all doubt, he knew what he had to do and began a writing journey without the intention of sharing his lyrics. Then meeting like-minded individuals who encouraged him to pursue these talents, he considers his lyrics a representation of his life story.

The forward bass instrumentation in YB Vawni's latest single, "Paranoid," immediately evokes a sense of anticipation as you digest the lyrical dexterity he effortlessly serves. Using a combination of weighty bass components and enticing hi-hats, the percussion patterns leave you in a pool of sporadic elements that we soak up throughout this cognizant soundscape.

The intimacy of the words professed have you eagerly awaiting the next series of bars as the storytelling method of YB Vawni remains untouched. Conveying glimmers of the new wave while encompassing the roots of hip-hop, we feel that the genre isn't compromised as the integrity of YB Vawni glistens in an illuminating spectrum of confidence.

Taking his talents to the next level while leaving remnants of his life in a sonic imprint, we feel the vulnerable and authentic nature of "Paranoid" in lyrical motifs such as 'Never killed anyone before, but I've made some calls. Broken bones, what you get then pray to your lord.' The depth that resides in carefully crafted wording as such has us feeling the grooves to our core as shivers run down our spine, with the portrayal of truth being extremely apparent in "Paranoid."

YB Vawni has us in our hearts and minds with this masterpiece, making this an easy track to introduce to the repeat button.