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Yebz Delivers A Vibe With His Latest Release “Surplus”

Yebz is an upcoming artist who has hit an excessive amount of streams from many countries including Germany, Holland, and England. He released his new single titled “Surplus” and we went ahead and listened to this song and it was well executed. The accomplished song shows signs of an ambitious artist who has a passion for his craft and a story to tell. The song hones in more on the lyrical side of rap, showcasing his lyricism and songwriting skills.

The beat is what I’d describe as “melodic trap”. It has the canorous tune from the piano while still merging that trap bass sound we all love! Yebz was able to overlay his flow and delivery onto the instrumental while still finding balance in the dynamics so all components can fuse together in an effortless and infatuating sound! “Surplus” isn’t over the top or aggressive neither is it boring and uninteresting. It’s simply a laid-back song that conveys Yebz emotion and moves you in a meandering direction! Sometimes, we need just the perfect song to relax to and allow the lyrics to create a reflective tunnel for us and our thoughts! Yebz latest does just that for us. This is definitely a track you're going to want to add to your feel-good playlists.

Listen to "Surplus" here and get to know more about Yebz in our interview below!

Hey Yebz! It's great to chat with you! Mind introducing yourself to our readers!?

I am from North London Enfield and I am a teenager who aspires to be a great talent in the UK music industry furthermore I am a hip hop Artist but will be showing my versatility by realizing different genres of music later in my career. I listen to artists such as Santan Dave as he is a music genius who inspires me to write better.

“Surplus” seems to have a deep lyrical context to it! Can you tell us what this song is about?

The meaning of Surplus is my ambitions and targets to be successful financially however it also involves my past experiences and the present till this day. For example ‘She rights my wrongs like Bryson Tiller is related to relationships.

What inspired you to write “Surplus” ?

I was inspired to write surplus by Uk hip hop artists such as Jhus due to his energy and lyrics as well as that my aim is to get people to vibe to my music on a big platform.

What do you think stands out the most about your own single “Surplus” ?

I feel that the rhyming of my chorus makes Surplus distinctive as well as making it a vibe for anyone to listen to as the words i used are very catching for example “Really tryna make surplus ruth hit and miss she still blush buff”

What could we expect and anticipate from you through 2019?

In 2019 you can expect collaboration with other  young up and coming artists which will take you by surprise! as well as that you can expect versatility as i will be realizing love songs as well as hip hop songs.


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