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YGM Tray Releases “No Problems”

YGM Tray is an 18 year old artist who grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. Music has always been a part of his life since he was 5 years old. He used to always simply run around the house rapping or rhyming to himself. It was his mother who helped encourage his confidence to pursue music. While growing up as a kid, his dad found himself in jail so his mother had to play both roles. Growing up in the struggle taught him how to be tough and gave him a different outlook on life. Growing up in Charleston, he says they have their own English language called “Geechie”. Although most rappers from Charleston incorporates the slang, he actually shy's away from that and puts it aside when he raps because he wants to be different. Some of YGM Tray’s influences include rappers like LOBG, Lil digga, Lil Block, and more. However, his current favorites right now are Young Pappy and YNW Melly.

YGM Tray released his single titled “No Problems” and it has infectious melodies and a charismatic hook. Despite the fun and colorful energy it exudes, if you in-tune yourself with the lyrics you will discover a substantial content that’s personable to the artist. While listening to “No problems” I’ve gathered the idea of YGM Tray incorporating his personal journey and life experiences into his music. He showcases his vulnerable songwriting while making it up with a hint of charisma. It’s highly refreshing listening to an artist strip away their star appeal and become more of a relatable person. Behind every artist is a voice and a story to be heard, and YGM Tray is brave enough to share his! This is why he’s a rapper who I feel is needed in today’s generation of hip-hop culture, because everyone is so used to being transparent and made up. In our opinion, we think YGM Tray would be an influential figure to arise from South Carolina who also has what it takes to drop hits after hits! “No Problems” is a wavy hip-hop record we can add to our vibe playlists and jam out to while we wait for the anticipation to grow, surrounding YGM Tray.

Listen to "No Problems" here and get to know more about YGM Tray below!

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far and how do you overcome them?

The biggest challenge for me so far is the hate I get, but so far I take the hate and turn it into motivation.

Tell us about “No Problems” and the meaning behind it?

The meaning behind no problems is basically these haters talk trash but in reality we all no they won’t do anything.

How does the title of the song reflect its theme?

The title of the song reflects the theme as a “don't f**k with me” type of vibe and a “aye turn up” type of vibe.

What inspired you to write “No Problems” ?

Well I was sitting in my room and I was playing the game with my friend and he sent me a beat. After a little while he encouraged me to write something that will let people know not to mess with the gang or me “YGM” (Youngins Gettin Money) and to have people turn up to and have fun listening to.

What’s next for you?

The next thing for me is to keep making music and growing my fan base. Also I’m currently trying to get signed so I can start making money to get my family outta the struggle and help my community get on the map! I also want to donate to Charleston and start changing this place up for the better!


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