You 'Bet Yo Life' Geno Pacino Is Ready To Go Big

Geno Pacino likes to stand out. He's done so his whole life. Luckily, entertaining always came naturally for him, as well as his way with words. And growing up in Chicago, Geno went through all the struggles of living in a tough inner-city neighborhood. Nowadays, Geno Pacino uses his talents in rap music and experiences in life to offer a unique perspective to his audience. So today, we here at BuzzMusic are going to be checking out 'Bet Yo Life' from Geno Pacino's album "Any Given Sunday" to see what kind of musical treasures we can discover!

'Bet Yo Life' is a rap ballad about success and what's yet to come for Geno. You may notice right off the bat that this track samples the chorus from The Who classic "You Better You Bet". The catchy tune sets up Geno as he lays out two tight verses, where he focuses on his future while breaking down societal problems and the people he's up against. Geno's determination and delivery will have you feeling untouchable. It's all so smooth and the rhymes are so on point. He then manages to blend his lyrics in and out of "You Better You Bet" flawlessly. It's clear Geno has got the skill to create solid hits. You've got to check out this track and see how much talent Geno Pacino has to offer! You can listen to the full song here.

Hey Geno! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're so happy to feature your song "Bet Yo Life". Can you tell us more about the writing process behind this song?

The writing process was relatively simple which makes the success of the song so surprising I was in the studio working on my project Any Given Sunday with my homie Kryss and he played the beat for me and said I know you have gone like this. Immediately when I heard I said " That rapid-fire flow is what they desire for " like I said at the beginning of the song and I said you ready to record. The lyrics just came to me. This was probably the easiest song for me to write. I actually didn't write I just came with the verses everything about this just felt right.

How did you end up choosing to sample "You Better You Bet" by The Who in this song?

I didn't my homie Kryss from Knot Them Entertainment made the beat. It was just an idea at first and when he played it I just went crazy.

What's was the biggest obstacle you had when starting your career in the music industry?

Just getting started in general music is oversaturated now. It's more artist than it is fans honestly. I was having a hard time struggling between working jobs and my experiences in the streets and didn't really know what my next move was. On top of that, I have a kid that I'm solely responsible for so life wasn't the easiest I couldn't really see myself starting on the music path. And then I went to an event where people heard me in a cipher and the amount of support & love I got was amazing. I was literally getting invited to tons of studio's and people wanted to feature and work with me and things grew from there. It started in one night.

As you're someone who's proud to be different and stand out, who else do you feel like sticks out in today's music scene?

My crew, first and foremost I run with a clique called the circle that includes myself ChiseUp, Oplus the Prince, Ante Up, King Chaz, Tre Exel & Big Mel. I like the whole TDE crew Kendrick Lamar is one of the greats Ab-Soul & Jay Rock are really slept on. Da Baby is nice to me J Cole, Travis Scott it's a lot of people who I think are making new waves in music I can't even name everybody I like it's too many to name I'm really a fan of music. 

It was great having you Geno! What's next for you? Any upcoming projects or shows?

Yeah, I got a show coming up with Sofar Sounds & I'm about to work on a new project with my homie Dre that's gone be major. Most Importantly my new album Pacino Season is available now on available on all streaming platforms. Besides that, I'm just trying to do bigger shows and be on platforms that can legit increase my visibility.



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