“You Can Put This On Your Timeline” Is The Newest Banger From R.A.W. ROC & WildSense

R.A.W. ROC & WildSense are an explosive duo from Arkansas. Both with diversely different upbringings, they come together to create an eclectic musical fusion. They use their music as an emotional and creative outlet for their thoughts, feelings and real life experiences. Their inspirations are countless and include Scareface, Tech9 ,Yelawolf, Arkansas Bo, DJ Quik, Outkast, Logic, Boosie BadAzz and many more. Equipped with touches of blues, rock, and R&B, this dynamic duo is doing their own thing, they have a game plan and they plan on having some fun while trying to do it. 

R.A.W. ROC & WildSense recently released their newest banger “You Can Put This On Your Timeline” and I’m bumping it on repeat. They’ve got the talent and ear for savory beats to excel in this game. “You Can Put This On Your Timeline” reeks of self confidence and is about R.A.W. ROC & WildSense ’s journey to the top, speeding by the same-old mainstream sound on their way up. Their energy truly shines in this retrospective track that lets us explore R.A.W. ROC & WildSense’s inner thoughts. “You Can Put This On Your Timeline” is in your face and unapologetic with a twist. Experimental and authentic, “You Can Put This On Your Timeline” highlights the retro and modern fusion of sounds behind R.A.W. ROC & WildSense ’s bars. The production quality is incomparable and the back beat is addicting and mellow. I’m adding “You Can Put This On Your Timeline” to my summer playlist and I highly recommend you do the same. Stay on the lookout for R.A.W. ROC & WildSense!

Listen to “You Can Put This On Your Timeline” here and read more with R.A.W. ROC & WildSense below! 

Hi R.A.W. ROC & WildSense! Welcome to BuzzMusic, what do you think sets you apart in the music industry today?

Honestly we are not looking to do things like the industry. We do not aim to please one sub gene either. We want to do some things out of the box. Not your typical hip hop stuff. We are doing ourselves for real. No gimmick, nothing made up in a meeting. We could go into more detail about that , but we don’t want to give to much away at this time. We are not about just telling our story, we want our fans to advance with us, we want to be that friend like Mary !

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

We want our listeners to be able to ride, chill , bbq , slap bones etc. Its like vibe music, we want you to be able to get that negative off, so you can get back on yo mission.

What are your thoughts on the current state of hip-hop?

It needs to get back to it’s roots. Everyone is a Gangsta? Everyone is so this or that. Where is the individual?  Where is the difference?  There is some rappers out right now , who are way better than 15 who stay in public eye. We believe you really must have a purpose or really love hip hop to stay in it. The majority of people only listen to what is said to be hot, not even thinking about what is said.  We really don’t want those types of fans. If people do us that way, fine whatever, it happens. It will be cool as long as someone was moved the way we are moved by some artist who said something that helped us or changed our perspective on life. Hip Hop needs its roots.

Let’s talk about your track “You Can Put This On Your Timeline”! What inspired this song and what was the writing process like?

It was inspired by real life events and situations. People have a tendency to talk about or reflect their feelings on social media.  Not knowing whom, nor what they are talking about. Pretending to be friends on a social level that doesn’t exists. Not all people, are that way though, so we try to express a well rounded point of view. Recording this song was a simple process of work and getting this rust off myself (R.A.W. ROC aka Signature). For WildSense it was chipping away the newish vibes, he is getting use to being recorded.

What’s next for R.A.W. ROC & WildSense?

A lot of things are in order for us. We are getting more and more radio play, and real talk, you just have to keep listening cause we have video’s coming, mixtapes, and extra craziness for your environment.  Like we said, can’t say to much right now.


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