You Have Check Out The New Indie Sound In “Peace And Quiet” By AntiSocial Surf Club

Formed in 2017, AntiSocial Surf Club is the product of the four members failed high school bands. Comprised of brothers Matt (vocals/guitar) and Nick (drums) and friends Dan (bass) and Bennett (guitar) the alternative indie four-piece is making a name for themselves through their finely-calibrated tight grooves and diverse influences. AntiSocial Surf Club can be described as a matured punk-rock sound. They recently released their third EP "Peace and Quiet" which has impressively gotten airplay on over 80 stations in Canada and the US.

The new EP is inspired by the musical endeavors of AntiSocial Surf Club. The namesake on the EP, “Peace and Quiet” boasts old school beachy vibes fused with contemporary indie rock. This track focuses on the highs and lows of being young. Not wanting to waste time becoming someone you’re not and also learning to let go and just enjoy life. I think AntiSocial Surf Club write music that their fans can interpret however they see fit. It’s an admirable quality for artists to create music that forms connections with their listeners. The pummeling guitar, hard-hitting bass, and heavy drums fuse perfectly with Matt’s rock n roll vocals. The powerful track is suitable for anyone to listen to. I can’t wait to blast this tune in my car with the windows down and recommend you do the same thing! Keep up with AntiSocial Surf Club's for all of their future endeavors! 

Check out “Peace and Quiet” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey guys! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by telling us more about how AntiSocial Surf Club came to fruition?

Well it all started when Matt wanted to be a rockstar. He conned his brother, Nick, into playing drums in a bunch of bands until eventually they settled down with their high school friend Bennett on lead guitar. Dan the Bass Player Guy is the most recent addition to the band, and was found on the internet. Currently working on the perfect blend of Indie and Punk 

What’s the meaning behind the stage name?

Mostly, it’s just a funny oxymoron. Clubs are the opposite of AntiSocial. And “Surf" is in there because we love beach rock and want people to think we can surf.

We love your track “Peace and Quiet”! What do you hope your listeners take away from it?

Peace and Quiet was written over the course of a few years, starting when I dropped out of University to pursue nothing in general. It was a sort of coming-of-age period of my life where I had to get a ‘real job’ and all that. A lot of the lyrics are based on fucking up while learning no lessons, and we tried to match that to a light, carefree feel. 

What’s the overall theme of your new EP “Peace and Quiet”?

All 3 songs are about just doing what you do. When I wrote “Dancing Alone” I had this vivid memory of my the bar being completely empty, leaving a handful of us on the dance floor at 3 in the morning. "25 and Sunny" as well as "Peace and Quiet" were much the same, I focused on these little quirks and joys that felt kind of meaningless at the time but seemed to stick in my mind.

What’s your writing process like as a group?

It usually starts with a song in it’s barest form (just a melody with some lyrics or a guitar riff) that gets brought forward and then as a band we jam it out a few times and mix it around until it really starts to groove, and if it doesn’t it gets scrapped or set on the back burner for a while until we can approach it with a fresh mind. 


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