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“You Know It” By Boi Blue Is A Fire Summer Vibe

Atlanta, Georgia native, Boi Blue was heavily influenced by his musical surroundings growing up. Music, food and culture was all around him from a young age. Being involved in the church, music was an inherent part of Boi Blue’s life. His musical influences include many notable artists such as Biggie and Tupac. His passion for writing music grew as he developed skills in crafting poetry. This led to Boi Blue’s finely-calibrated, soulful style lyrics that take listeners on a journey.

Soul filled lyrics with rich storytelling aspects are what Boi Blue is known for. Equipped with southern flare, Boi Blue’s newest release “You Know It” is easy to vibe along to. I like the very subtle and smooth R&B background melody. Layered with catchy bass and addicting sound arrangements, “You Know It” exudes the confidence of a future legend. Boi Blue delivers flawless and precise bars. His lyricism and hard hitting one liners are evidence of his creative mind. Rap icon and fan favorite, Boi Blue knows exactly what his listeners want to hear. “You Know It” is a dope track that anyone can rock to and spreads a positive and confident vibe. Artist and ground breaking creator, Boi Blue is exactly was today’s Hip-Hop scene needed. His expansive ideas and storytelling aesthetic are truly mesmerizing. Thriving up and comer, Boi Blue’s  “You Know It” is going straight to my summer bangers playlist and I recommend you do the same.

Listen to “You Know It” here and get to know more By Boi Blue below!

We love your new track “You Know It”, Boi Blue! Can you tell us about the meaning behind the lyrics? What was the writing process like?

Thank you! Coming up with the process of this track was easy really. Once I figured out the melody the words kinda fell into place. I actually wrote this song without instruments, it was all a cappella at first.

Where did the name Boi Blue originate?

I got the name “Blue” from a childhood friend, it symbolizes my dark complexion, I just embraced it, “Boi” came later on.

What’s your favorite lyric in “You Know It”? Why?

In the second verse I said “ first class put you on flight, we can go tonight, you’re my prototype, show you right.” Was my favorite line because I didn’t write it! The whole second verse was freestyle. That feeling was real in the studio because everyone there was cheering me on, that vibe was priceless.

If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would you choose? Why?

Prince most definitely!! I was a big fan of Purple Rain growing up, would’ve loved that experience.

What’s your fanbase like in Atlanta?

My fan base in Atlanta are very original, especially the ones who grew up here. My music is real Atlanta, and soulful as well.

What's next for you?

Evolution! I have two projects done, I plan on releasing them both in 2019, merchandising, and touring! All put together by yours truly. I’m also working with other up and coming artist, hopefully I can start my own label as well.


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