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You'll Be, "Feelin It," With Hummer Beats' Latest Heartfelt Single

Residing in Zurich, Switzerland, Hummer Beats is a Hip-Hop and R&B producer that has developed his own custom style through the experimentation of sound.

Producing music for several years, Hummer Beats has begun to create remixes and get more established in the DJ scene in Switzerland. With his music being inspired by various genres and sounds, he attempts to bring small elements from all realms into the music he creates; giving it a sound yet to be heard.

In the latest fusion of his Contemporary R&B hit, “Feelin It,” we are immersed in the sensual vocalization of Hummer Beats. Not only do his artistic talents take him to the production elements of the record, but the performance aspect is tapped into as we are offered up the delicate yet prevailing resonance of his well thought out lyrics.

Sweeping over us in the multi-dimensional sound that takes inspiration from a spectrum of genres, the mid-tempo swing of the instrumentation has us swimming in a pool of raw emotion. The irresistible soul that pours from, “Feelin It,” conveys a dance-like ambiance that transports your mind to a night of intimacy and playful fun with the apple of your eye. Illuminating the climaxes that new experiences bring forth in a relationship, the cherished meaning of this track is right out in the open of the delicate songwriting techniques utilized.

Inserting prominence on the overall arrangement of, “Feelin It,” Hummer Beats has us in the palm of his hand with the sonic voyage that this track emits. Wavering through an impressive state of mind, Hummer Beats is at the top of our list when it comes to sweet melodies that leave you on cloud nine.

Congratulations on the release of, “Feelin It.” Where did the inspiration strike for the creativity behind this track? I created the beat towards the beginning of 2020 when the lockdown just began in Zurich. I was getting back into producing music and falling back in love with it. The best itself is funky and has a soothing vibe that makes you want to sway and dance to it. It was reminiscent of the BBQ rooftop parties I was hosting over the previous year. The lyrics and theme for the song came from the singer and songwriter, the only real input I had there was that the song had to be about something happy, a good time, and good vibes, which the singer absolutely nailed beautifully.

In your own words, what is the meaning behind this song? In terms of feeling and messaging, what are you hoping that your listeners take away from it? The song is about a beautiful relationship where the couple is in love and vibing off each other’s energy. They both feel the energy of each other which brings them closer together. That feeling of being with someone, being loved by someone, cared for, being free with that individual is expressed in this song. That feeling is something that cannot be described but is something we all yearn for. With your background in the music industry and your talents as a Jack of all trades, have you found an area that you would like to stay dedicating your focus towards?

I am an independent artist and have been producing, mixing, and mastering my own music, as well as even designing the album covers. I don’t think I will ever stop producing music as it is what makes me who I am. I will definitely be working with more songwriters, singers, and rappers to release full songs from now on rather than just instrumentals only, as I previously used to. The vocals add a whole new dimension to my music which had been missing from a long time.

I would love to get into the live music scene more and DJ more when the pandemic eventually comes to an end. I want to share my passion for music with others, this may start with live streams, let’s see! What can we expect from you in terms of projects to be released in 2021? This year I will be releasing my 6th official album, however, this particular album will be my first ever album featuring singers and rappers over my beats. I released my first single titled “Pink Skys” from that album in December 2020 to kick start the project. "Feelin' it" is then the 2nd single from that album. I will be releasing a new single until the summer when I will finally release the full album. What would you like listeners to know about the music that you create? What is your message?

I want the listeners to enjoy the music and experience the emotions and energy I expressed whilst creating the music. I want the listeners to feel the music, dance to the rhythms, relax to the music whether that is whilst working, cooking, driving, or at a party, I want them to feel the music.

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